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Excelling on the court or field requires athletes to be in top physical condition. This type of performance can only be achieved at a maximum level with routine training and an individually curated approach. Here at DiamondFit Performance in Raleigh, we help middle and high school athletes reach their full potential with a variety of strength-based, sport-specific approaches. Our strength, speed, and nutrition programs help our athletes prepare and strengthen their bodies off the field to that they can maximize their performance during competition.

From beginners to advanced athletes and every level in between, our team is fully licensed and ready to develop a program that meets your specific needs. Contact us online or call us to get started today. 

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Why Should I Start With Strength Training?

Whether an athlete plays basketball, football, volleyball, or tennis, they will need explosiveness, precision, and endurance. These foundational skills help them to maintain their form, make point-winning plays, and stay healthy during their games. In order to properly perform a specific set of movements required by their sport, a player must have a strong foundation in strength training to build other skills upon.

Strength training works by improving intra and intermuscular coordination and strengthening the musculo-tendon units to sustain consistent stressing and impact that athletes will experience. Translation for those of us without an exercise science degree? It’s a key component to avoiding or decreasing the severity of any injuries that may occur during an athlete’s career, as well as improving performance.

How Old Should An Athlete Be to Begin Strength Training?

Children as young as eight can begin a safe and supervised weight training program as long as they have good balance and coordination and can do the basic exercises without losing their form.

Strength training for young athletes should not be confused with weight lifting; a smart strength training program will use light resistance, body weight combinations, and controlled movements to improve fitness levels. Weight training, on the other hand, focuses on a goal of lifting heavier weights and building larger muscles which can have negative effects on children whose growth plates haven’t yet turned to bone. Our training programs for our Raleigh athletes are specifically catered to push the athlete as far as possible within the range of what will be safe and productive for them in the long term when it comes to performance AND heath.

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How Can DiamondFit Strength Help Me?

Our fully licensed team of strength coaches in Raleigh will create a program that takes into account your specific needs and goals as well as the sport you compete in to ensure quick results and impressive improvements over time.

The DiamondFit Raleigh Strength program can help committed athletes improve their flexibility and mobility, maintain a healthy and efficient body composition, and build muscles to deliver power and force on the field or court. Other benefits include an increased glucose metabolism and resting metabolism, showing the efficiency of your metabolic rate, and higher bone mineral density for strong performance.

Why Should I Choose DiamondFit Performance?

We take great pride in working with some of the top athletes in the Raleigh area, and if you’re ready to go to work to improve your nutrition, strength, and speed, DiamondFit Performance is the right choice for you. As an elite, sport-specific strength training facility in Raleigh, our team is prepared to help you strategically plan for peak season and off-season and can give you the tools needed to reach the next level of competitive play.

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