Sports Performance Training

Welcome to DiamondFit Performance serving Raleigh and Durham. We are the Triangle’s most elite tier sports and athletic performance training facility. Our programming approaches strength development systematically. Our athletes receive specific performance indicators to demonstrate objective analysis of the individual athlete’s growth and progress. Everyone who steps foot in our facility will be challenged safely and effectively. Our programs are also designed to peak at specific and advantageous points during the athlete’s specific sport’s seasonal cycle.

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Data-Driven Results

An intentional approach to athletic performance development regardless of sport or ability.

Data is vital to the success of our programs and the effectiveness of our training. Our DiamondFit coaches design catered strength training plans to challenge each athlete. We monitor performance data and data trends to increase performance and keep athlete’s on track while peaking them at strategic seasonal periods.

Performance Reporting

Our team gives a detailed explanation of each athlete's development over the course of our programs and training plans.

Seasonal Peaking

We peak and rest our athlete's at strategic times during their specific sport season to optimize results.

Structured Development Plan

Data from our athletes helps our coaches plan proper workout intensity to increase performance while protecting against injury.

Point of Interest

Our programs help athletes achieve specific milestones before progressing to higher and more advanced tiers.


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