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Speed is important for every sport. It can separate a good athlete from a great athlete. The pace of play in most sports is increasing as athletes get stronger and faster than ever. Whether the sport is football, soccer, basketball, or even volleyball, speed will be an asset on game day. Faster players will have an edge in every sport. At DiamondFit Performance we have a speed training program to help our athletes explosively improve their speed and pace in their specific sport. We incorporate a high speed treadmill program and data driven goals to help our athletes grow.

At DiamondFit Performance, speed training is one of our foundational performance approaches for all of our athletes. We recognize that speed is one of the most desired and important athletic qualities no matter the sport. From tennis, to soccer, to baseball, we will customize a speed training and conditioning program that is designed for the athlete’s specific sport and skill set. We are located at 6231 Westgate Road, Suite 100 in Raleigh. Stop by our location, call us, or contact us through the form below to learn more about our custom athletic and speed training programs.

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What is Speed Training?

Speed training involves running at different variations and pace levels with the goal being to build pace and endurance. It is not only about who can run the fastest. It is also about who can run the fastest and maintain pace across all quarters or halves of their given sport. Some sports require long-distance running and some require short fast sprints. Whatever the case, speed training will improve overall performance and endurance of the athlete.

At DiamondFit Performance, we value speed as the second most important foundation for athletic ability. Once the athlete has built up sufficient muscle through our strength training, it is time to focus on speed. Our training consists of different variations of running. Some of these variations include running backward, side steps and up and down exercises. Speed training is more than simply sprinting on a treadmill, though our high speed treadmill is a breeding ground for high speed athletes. We also teach the correct form of running and break old bad habits. We build endurance at a pace that fits each athlete by using a data driven approach, and tailor the program and performance goals to the specific athlete and sport.

What are the Benefits of Speed Training?

Speed training has a multitude of benefits that are more than simply making the athlete faster. Through our speed training program the athlete will burn fat while gaining muscle. After a high-intensity sprint, their body starts burning 100 percent fat to resupply their system. The great thing about burning fat is that athletes will become slimmer and their endurance will increase. Losing fat will allow muscular strength to contribute to faster movement, increasing overall speed.

Speed training also reduces the risk of injury. Running engages muscle movements and ligaments that are not always pushed to the maximum without specific training exercises. Through our training programs, muscles become more flexible and the whole body is conditioned to have greater balance, which reduces the chances of injury for the athlete.

Why Should I Choose DiamondFit Performance?

Speed training has something to offer for athletes of every sport. Nothing is worse than being on the field or court and feeling like you can not keep up. Our DiamondFit Performance Speed program will change that. Stop by our Raleigh location to meet our team of trainers and learn more about our speed and athletic training programs.


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