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Are you ready to take your team to the next level in training and performance? At DiamondFit Performance in Raleigh, our team of certified instructors provide top level instruction to teams of all sports to help them achieve their goals, reach their full training potential, enhance their physical performance and minimize the risk of injuries.  This is accomplished through customized training programs that include strength-based, sport-specific approaches. 

No matter what level of training your team is at, whether beginner or intermediate, our team of fully certified instructors are ready to develop a program that meets the needs and goals of your team, from pre-season through the playoffs.  Contact us online or call us to schedule your team training orientation today.

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What Is Team Performance Training at DiamondFit?

Team performance training at DiamondFit in Raleigh, NC consists of tailored programs designed for group/team workouts that focus on the core training fundamentals necessary for a team to perform at its highest level and achieve their individual and team goals.  The core fundamentals include:

  • Strength Training
  • Speed Development
  • Nutrition Coaching

At DiamondFit Performance, our elite instructors perform an assessment screening of your entire team in order to accurately provide organized workouts related to your sport.   Each team training plan is designed to provide an organized, educational and progressive instruction plan for the entire team while keeping in line with the specific movements and fundamentals of the sport.  

The DiamondFit Performance approach is systematic in that we provide key performance indicators, which allows for objective analysis of each athlete’s progress.  Teammates are challenged by each other and pushed by the instructors in order to receive the most out of each session. Our end goal…to ensure each athlete is trained in a safe and effective manner,  intentionally peaking the athletes at the key point in their competitive season.  

Team Performance Training at DiamondFit Performance

Count on our team of certified performance specialists to help your team improve its performance and reduce injury risks. Our program uses cutting-edge training methods for all ages to correct movement patterns while improving muscular strength, endurance, speed and agility. Through evaluation and collaboration with coaches and managers, we create customized programs that meet the needs and goals of each team, from pre-season through the playoffs.

What are the Benefits of Team Training?

  • Improved Team Dynamics and Camaraderie
  • Improved Speed and Agility for linear and multi directional speed and footwork
  • Improved Reaction Times 
  • Improved Functional Movement, Strength and Power
  • Injury prevention with proper movement techniques and strength training
  • Growth and Preparation in Strength and Conditioning for all levels of competition (Youth, High School, Collegiate, Professional)
  • Pre and post assessments to measure improvements in speed, agility, power, strength and body composition.
  • Team Motivating and Competitive Environment

Why Should I Choose DiamondFit Performance?

It’s time to get your team in peak performance and ahead of the competition. Our elite performance coaches are available to optimize your team training for a winning season. If your team is ready for the ultimate DiamondFit Performance training program, call us or complete the contact form below to get in touch with one of our coaches.

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