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On the field or in the weight room, there’s always an opportunity for football players to push themselves to the next level. Since football is a contact sport that’s played in high temperatures (especially here in Raleigh!), it’s important to be mentally and physically prepared to avoid injuries and perform at the highest level possible. Training also gives athletes an opportunity to refine their skills, learn new techniques, and adapt to different game-time situations on the gridiron with precision and strategy.

Here at DiamondFit Performance Raleigh, we help athletes with all aspects of their game, from building a core foundation in strength to improving speed and working on nutrition to support their conditioning regimen. Athletes who want to play at the next level train at DiamondFit. Contact our team at DiamondFit Performance online or call us today. 

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Football Training vs. Practice

If you think that training and practice are the same, we’ve got news for you. While practice is important in maintaining a unique skill set and must be done regularly, training provides players with an opportunity to correct form, learn a new strategy, or understand why different plays are used in different scenarios. To be a competitive player, an athlete must train and practice to experience maximum improvement on the field. 

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Why is Football Strength Training Important?

Whether you’re in the middle of the season or enjoying some downtime in the spring, training should never stop. Football strength training allows athletes to improve their endurance, skill level, and strength. It also works to build motivation and confidence which will shine through on the field. 

An increase in knowledge is also a key component of training and will serve an athlete well in game-time situations. Other benefits of football strength training include improvements in agility, flexibility, circulation, and recovery time. To learn more about how strength training can benefit you or your football athlete in Raleigh, contact our team to speak to a coach! 


Football Movement Specific Strength Training 

At DiamondFit Performance Raleigh we work with many football players who want to improve their skills, and we are prepared to help you reach your goals as well. Our team has designed a training structure that allows us to improve the abilities of our athletes with customized plans that are tailored to each player’s skill set. This way you can be sure you’re getting the training you need without wasting time on skills that you are already proficient in. We also cycle training to peak the athlete at strategic times during their season.

We’ll begin with the DiamondFit training fundamentals and may return to these throughout training. Without a strong foundation in the building blocks of the game, an athlete will not reach his full potential. Our strength, speed, and nutrition programs incorporate movements that will help elevate your performance specifically on the football field. Our coaches always take into mind the athlete’s specific sport, like football, when designing programs.

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When you join the team at DiamondFit Raleigh, you won’t be joining just another gym. DiamondFit Performance provides an intentional approach in an elite performance training facility to help you get the most out of your time with us. We use data to drive each player’s individual workout, monitoring and measuring performance so that players can see their strength and skill development over time. 

Our strength coaches in Raleigh will use that data to apply the highest intensity training sessions possible in a way that will protect athletes against injury, and we can also plan rest periods and high intensity sessions at the best times in the program for maximum benefits. 

Whether you’re a quarterback, linebacker, wide receiver, or any position, there’s room for you to grow. If you’re ready to lace up and show the competition what you’ve got, join the DiamondFit Performance Raleigh team today by calling us, contacting us online, or visiting us at 6241 Westgate Road, Suite 100.