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     Soccer players have to be in excellent physical shape to perform at their best. A soccer game typically lasts around 90 minutes and can go on for 2 hours without a break so players need to ensure that their bodies are in the best shape possible. All soccer positions need cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, speed, and strength, backed by proper nutrition. Sport-specific strength, athletic, and nutrition training is the key to having long-term success on the playing field.


     At DiamondFit Performance we provide a custom athletic training program for every athlete that works with us. Our team of trained licensed professionals have worked with many athletes of different skill levels to get stronger, faster, and improve their game. Enhance performance and achieve goals by calling us or completing our contact form below. You can also visit our Raleigh location at 6241 Westgate Road, Suite 100 or read more about our DiamondFit Performance training approach.

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What’s the Difference Between Training and Practicing?

Training and practicing can commonly be used interchangeably but they are quite different. Practicing involves doing the same thing repeatedly so you can end up performing the skill without even thinking twice about it. During soccer practice, you can go over a play or skill over and over, until it becomes second nature. Training goes deeper than that because it focuses on perfecting a skill set, correcting form and learning new techniques. Some of the training skills can focus on speed and endurance so you can cover more ground and beat other players to a loose ball or strengthening your base and core so that you can put more force behind the ball. All of these skills require training from a trained professional like those on our staff and can have a huge impact on your game.

Why is Athletic Training Important?

Training is about change, improvement, and adaptation. Having the proper training can help overall performance increase. This leads to more confidence and precision during games. Being in the best physical shape possible also helps with decision making on the field. If you are not exhausted you will be able to focus more energy into making the right run to get into scoring position for example. Training is a year round endeavor and this is great because it helps your skills stay sharp and your endurance to continually improve. It also helps with preventative care because when an athlete has the strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility, there is less risk for injury and more time on the playing the game they love. That is what our team is here to help you accomplish.

Soccer Specific Training

At DiamondFit Performance, we make sure each athlete has a custom program to help them be the most successful at their sport. When it comes to soccer, our professionals put together custom strength and speed programs for each athlete to track growth and make sure our athletes are consistently improving.

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