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     Swimmers rely on being fast, precise and powerful during each heat. In order to succeed in this sport, it is just as important to condition your body as it is to practice perfecting your stroke. Whether you are taking the initial dive, swimming freestyle or doing a kick-turn, it is important to physically condition your body so that you can perform at the highest level possible! Our DiamondFit Performance coaches can get you in shape to perform at your best.


     Located in Raleigh, DiamondFit Performance is the best training ground for athletic conditioning for swimmers. Our team is dedicated to developing a custom, data-driven workout program for each athlete that will result in turning them into a stronger swimmer. The approach we employ with our athletes incorporates speed and strength conditioning, as well as nutrition coaching. Fill out one of our online forms or call us and schedule a session today. We want to help our athletes achieve their goals and perform at the highest levels, and will do the same for you.

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Difference Between Conditioning and Practice

Some people think there is no difference between conditioning and practice; however, they are completely different. Practice involves repeating the same motion over and over to improve muscle memory for better form and execution of specific movements for a sport. Conditioning is not about perfecting a skill. Instead it is more about pushing the body to become stronger, faster, and better conditioned to physically perform at a higher level. Both are extremely important for the formation of an elite athlete.

Why is Athletic Conditioning Important for Swimmers?

Athletic conditioning is important for swimmers because it makes them stronger while improving their endurance. This will help a swimmer perform better in both practice and competition. A swimmer who conditions all year round will grow and find themselves stronger in future competitions than the previous year’s event. DiamondFit Performance specializes in exercises that target muscles used the most while swimming. Our dedicated trainers are specialists and provide a far more beneficial workout than a regular gym using data and custom workout programs to explosively improve performance.

DiamondFit Athletic and Strength Training

At DiamondFit Performance we take pride in conditioning our athletes and watching them succeed. Each training plan is custom to a swimmer’s profile and goals. Our core approach centers around training in strength, speed and nutrition. With these three initiatives, we create a personal and custom schedule for our athletes that pushes them to improve while also peaking them strategically at the optimal points during their season.

Swimming is a sport that relies on strength to swim faster and endurance to swim longer. While our conditioning might be on land instead of water, all of our exercises will improve swimmer’s capabilities in the pool. After working with our trainers, swimmers should be able to feel themselves grow stronger and more confident in the water.

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Don’t hesitate to join the DiamondFit team and grow as a swimmer. Good swimmers practice a lot, but great swimmers go beyond practice and look for ways to grow as an athlete. At DiamondFit we do not waste our client’s time with worthless exercises. We will push you to your limits and help you get results.

Our trainers use the latest technology and science to make sure every session is packed with intensity. Whether you are new to swimming or have been swimming for years, don’t hesitate to take the next step in your athletic career with DiamondFit athletic conditioning. Stop by our Raleigh location at 6241 Westgate Road, Suite 100 or call us and join the team today.