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DiamondFit Performance is Durham and RTP’s elite, sport-specific strength training facility where athletes of all disciplines can develop the skills they need to reach the next level of competitive play. We work with middle and high school students throughout the area by creating strength training and nutrition programs that are specific to their sport, their goals, and their current needs. 

Reaching your full potential is possible when you work with the team of elite coaches at DiamondFit Performance. Our athletes put in the time and work to achieve big results. Contact us online or call us at 919-823-4211 to get started today. 

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Why Is Strength Training Important?

All sports require endurance, power, and precision from athletes. The building blocks to achieving your highest potential on game day and reaching the next level of play, whether that be high school varsity, college, or professional, are all based in strength. When a player has a firm foundation in strength training, they can safely work on speed and sport-specific skills while having a reduced risk of injury. Our DiamondFit Strength Program establishes that foundation and builds upon it to achieve explosive growth.

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How Does Strength Training Benefit Me?

When an athlete participates in a customized strength training regimen, they strengthen their musculo-tendon units. This helps them to withstand stresses and impacts from jumping, hitting, running, pivoting, and other repetitive movements found in their sport. Players will also improve their intra and intermuscular coordination for greater stability and mobility. Our DiamondFit Strength Programs establish this foundation to help our athletes improve in their sport.

How Can DiamondFit Strength Help Me?

Our fully licensed staff evaluates athletes with a complimentary movement assessment that allows us to assess movement patterns and performance level. We will then discuss the athlete’s needs, wants, and goals to create a sport-specific program that will help players see results and improvements quickly.

The DiamondFit Strength program helps athletes improve their flexibility and mobility, maintain a healthy and efficient body composition, and build muscles for ultimate power and force in games. In other words, it gives athlete’s the foundation needed to be successful in every element of their sport. 

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What Sports Does DiamondFit Performance Train?

We work with a wide variety of athletes from many different sports, including baseball, softball, soccer, track, football, volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, cheer, and more. Ask us about our personal training packages for greater one-on-one interaction!

Regardless of the sport, it takes a committed partnership to see noticeable differences in performance. We work with dedicated athletes who want to better themselves on the court or the field.


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We are proud to coach some of the top athletes from Durham and help them achieve their goals of improved strength, speed, and nutrition. No matter the time of year, whether in season or out of season, our team is ready to help Durham athletes reach the next level of competitive play through our custom strength and athletic training programs. Let’s get to work! Contact us online or call us today. 

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