Baseball Training in Raleigh, NC

     Whether in the outfield or behind the plate, the team of baseball athletic professionals at DiamondFit Performance Raleigh can help take any baseball athlete to the next level and help them prepare for college athletics.


     DiamondFit Performance was born out of a love for baseball; founder Drew Anderson has the experience and knowledge to help young players excel. Drew started for the Ohio State University baseball team his freshman year and was drafted into the Cincinnati Reds organization in 2004. After seven seasons in the minor leagues, he retired from professional baseball and founded DiamondFit Performance to spread his wealth of knowledge and love for the game. 


     If you’re searching for a program right here in Raleigh that will push your athlete to their maximum potential and give them a strong foundation to build upon, the DiamondFit Baseball strength, athletic, and nutrition training programs are the answer. Call us, contact us online, or stop by the gym at 6241 Westgate Road today to learn more.

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Baseball Training Vs. Practice

If you think training and practice are the same thing, we’ve got news for you. By definition, practice means to perform a skill repeatedly to maintain one’s proficiency. Training, on the other hand, means teaching a particular skill through instruction. When athletes practice, they apply the things they have learned from their coach. When an athlete is being trained, however, they learn how to improve a skill or gain new knowledge about play strategy. Good players practice. Great players train.

Why Is Baseball Athletic Training Important?

Athletes will only grow in their sport if they actively seek to improve their skill set, develop their on-field strategy, or acquire specific abilities that will help them advance over their counterparts. Both practice and training are important, but a focus on strength and athletic training will take your athlete’s play to the next level and help them reach their goals of playing at the highest level possible.

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How Can DiamondFit Baseball Training Help Me?

Our team enjoys working with athletes of all ages, from high school to professional levels. We will combine the Strength, Speed, and Nutrition components from our entire training approach and intertwine them seamlessly in a measured and safe environment to improve abilities in every aspect of the game. 

DiamondFit Performance Raleigh trainers will start with fundamentals, move to increasing each athlete’s knowledge base, and finally end with gameplay scenarios for a true test of a player’s on-the-fly ability to adapt and perform. 

Baseball Training for Pitchers in Raleigh, NC

Although there are a variety of positions on the baseball field, strength training and conditioning are important to all of them. Strength training is important in baseball as it prevents injury while also improving power. When it comes to strength training for pitchers in Raleigh, we start with a foundation of lower body strength while also working on strengthening the shoulder. If you are looking for pitcher baseball training in Raleigh, schedule a free initial visit with DiamondFit Performance. We will be happy to evaluate where you stand and help you build a custom training program that will improve your pitching and durability.


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DiamondFit Performance is not just another gym. It’s an athletic development center that focuses on every aspect of your athlete’s game, from the foundation of strength training to the finessing of your skills as a pitcher, catcher, outfielder, or shortstop. DiamondFit Performance is where the athletes you admire go to train – isn’t it time you joined them?

Remember, improvements are best achieved with a committed partnership between athlete and trainer. We work with some of the top athletes in Raleigh and would be happy to welcome you to the DiamondFit family. If you’re ready to go to work, contact us online or call us today.