Nutrition for Triathletes

Nutrition for Triathletes



The triathlon is perhaps one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Therefore, working out, training and practice are integral to a triathlete’s daily routine. A lot of triathletes go for low-impact cardio exercises, such as a game of golf. However, one must keep in mind that nutrition also plays a massive role in providing the required energy for the triathlete to undertake the physical coercion. Hence it is essential to chart out a specialized diet plan to prepare your body before participating in a triathlon. This article will try to help you get accustomed to the fundamentals of planning a triathlon diet plan.

  1. Maintain a nutrition diary: It is common among triathletes to keep a journal or a logbook where they maintain a list of all the food items they consume. By determining the calorific value of every item on the list, a triathlete can plan future meals in a way that helps them meet their calorie goals. The food log can also help them find out the food items they need to cut out from their regular diet. This also imparts a lot of discipline to the food habits of the triathlete.
  2. Consume many carbs: Carbohydrates are the most straightforward and most copious sources of energy in the food pyramid. Since the triathlon requires a lot of energy, food items that are rich sources of carbohydrate must occupy the central place in a triathlete’s diet. Nutritionists suggest that a triathlete should consume around half a gram of carbs for every pound of their total body weight. They are also advised to consume 15 to 20 grams of protein around half an hour to one hour after completing a race or a training session.
  3. Do not try to lose weight drastically: Indeed, triathletes are usually required to have a lean physique to maximize their agility and mobility. However, it is not a good idea to lose a lot of weight in a matter of weeks in preparation for a triathlon. Triathletes are instead advised to participate in sports such as golf that involve a healthy full-body workout while at the same time helping the triathlete shed a few extra pounds.

To Sum Up 

Triathletes need to be on their top game at all times and maintain a shape and physique that is ideal for the game. To participate in a triathlon, you will need a lot of energy, endurance, stamina, and speed since a triathlon requires the participant to complete multiple racing tracks such as a swimming race, a cycling race, and a running race without any break or respite in the middle of the game or between each sport. These races can take place over longer or shorter distances depending on the nature of the triathlon, and to win, a triathlete has to finish all these racing tracks combined in the shortest possible time. If you follow the pointers listed in this article, you will be able to harness enough energy and stamina to participate in a triathlon game.


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