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Lacrosse is known to be one of the most physical and strenuous sports. Lacrosse players will benefit tremendously from sport-specific strength and athletic training. Sport specific skills need to be backed with strength, endurance, and nutrition in order to reach the highest levels.

DiamondFit Performance is an athletic strength training facility for athletes of all skill levels. Our licensed and trained professionals are dedicated to training athletes to reach peak physical performance. Our elite coaching staff has worked with lacrosse players and knows how to train them so they can dominate on the field. We design custom data-driven strength, athletic, and nutrition training plans to explosively improve performance. To learn more, contact us below or visit our Raleigh location at 6241 Westgate Road, Suite 100 and talk with our team about our training approach.

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What’s the Difference Between Training and Practicing?

Both practicing and training are essential for an athlete to perform at the highest level. Even though many may think they are the same thing, practicing and training are quite different.

Practicing a sport relies on repetition. By doing something over and over again your brain will be rewired and will intuitively be able to perform the skills that you practiced. Training focuses on perfecting a skill that will essentially make you perform better during practice as well as on the playing field.

For example, during lacrosse practice athletes will practice a play over and over. When it is game day, the play won’t take a lot to think about it, the athlete just knows what to do. Training will help the athlete perform physically. For example, training will improve speed and physicality on the field. This will help the athlete get to a loose ball faster and be better able to physically check opponents and get the ball, both important skills in lacrosse.

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Why is Athletic Strength Training Important?

Proceeding through a custom athletic training program will enhance speed, agility, endurance, strength and more. It is the key to becoming a better athlete. Training should continue all year round, not just during the sports season. Proper training directed by elite coaches like those on our team will boost performance, recovery time, and confidence during both practice and games. Players who are physically prepared for games will be better able to make the correct passes or get to the right area of the offensive zone to set up a play.

Boys Lacrosse Training in Raleigh

Serious lacrosse players come to DiamondFit Performance because they know that they will improve their endurance and strength in a way that will benefit their play. Our athletes also know that they can trust us and that we have their best interests in mind. When training lacrosse players we focus on speed and agility, interval training for endurance, increasing muscle mass to improve physicality, and flexibility to help prevent injury. Whether you are competing in boys high school lacrosse or playing in a boys youth league, you will benefit from off season training. DiamondFit Performance offers strength and athletic training programs to men’s lacrosse players in Raleigh and throughout the Triangle.

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Girls Lacrosse Training in Raleigh

Speed, strength, and agility are important in lacrosse. That is why DiamondFit Performance creates custom tailored athletic training programs for girls lacrosse players in Raleigh and around RDU. Our trainers have years of experience providing athletes of all ages with training that will make them stronger, faster, and better able to perform on the field. Speed interval training, shuttle runs, and strength training are all important parts of a girls lacrosse training regiment. Allow our trainers to prepare you for competition. For women’s lacrosse players in Raleigh who want to play at the college level, it is important to utilize off-season training to stay ahead of the competition.

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It’s time to get serious about your training regiment and start being the better athlete. Our professional trainers are dedicated to our athletes and provide them adequate training so the next time they get on the field, coaches, teammates and the competition will take notice.

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