Gymnastics Strength Training in Raleigh, NC

     Almost all gymnasts who are successful have trained their body in every area to adapt to the demands of the sport. At DiamondFit Performance, we specialize in specific strength training that is geared towards gymnasts. Gymnasts put a lot of strain on their body. We have formulated training that increases flexibility as well as strength. Our athletic training programs are custom tailored to each athlete and driven by data about their growth and performance.


     Stop by our Raleigh gym located at 6231 Westgate Road, Suite 100 to learn more about our athletic training programs and nutrition coaching for gymnasts. Our team of dedicated trainers wants to mold our athletes into the best gymnasts they can be. We differentiate ourselves from other gyms because we train our athletes for their specific sport and needs. Call us or stop by our Raleigh location to learn more about our custom athletic training programs.

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Difference Between Strength Training and Practice

Many people do not know there is a difference between training and practice. An athlete will spend hours upon hours trying to perfect a specific skill while practicing. With gymnastics, this could be as simple as learning a new turn, jump or even a dismount off the uneven bars. Training is different because the athlete does not perform any specific gymnastic movements, but instead trains targeted muscles to increase strength required to perform those movements during competition. Gymnastics training also involves flexibility and strength training that will help decrease the chance for injury. It allows athletes to become stronger and safer when performing.

Why is Gymnastics Strength Training Important?

Gymnastics is a sport where strength and skill are equally important. It takes years for some gymnasts to build up the strength to perform complicated gymnastic movements. On top of that, each skill puts tremendous stress on the body. Strength training is especially important for gymnasts because it will decrease the time it takes to learn a new skill and allow them to execute it better on the floor. The stronger the athlete is, the less effort it will take to properly execute a maneuver.

Gymnastics is also a sport commonly associated with injury and can often be dangerous when one’s body is not physically prepared for an event. Our training will target muscles and ligaments that are commonly at risk of injury from gymnastics. Our custom athletic training programs make them stronger and more flexible so the athlete experiences less risk for injury when performing.

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Gymnastics Specific Strength Training in Raleigh

At DiamondFit, all our training is built through our performance approach. We start our training centered on strength because it is the foundation for complex athletic movements in any sport. When an athlete comes in for their first session, they take an assessment test. This is to ensure we understand their baseline levels of strength, speed, and nutrition and can appropriately tailor a training program to their needs. We accept all levels of athletes and it is never too late to start. Our team will make a routine schedule that sets goals as well as tracks improvement over returning sessions. We use performance data to change our custom training programs to match the needs of each individual athlete.

Choose DiamondFit Performance for Your Raleigh Gymnastics Training

Gymnastics requires precise skills and intense strength to execute each maneuver, which is why strength training is a necessity for each gymnast to perform their best. From the parallel bars to the vault, extra strength and conditioning will enhance a gymnast’s ability to perform at a high level. DiamondFit Performance is dedicated to increasing the performance of our athletes. Swing by our Raleigh location to meet our team and check out our gym, as well as learn more about our custom athletic training programs.