Field Hockey Athletic Training in Raleigh, NC

     Field hockey is a combination of speed, strength, and endurance. During the game, field hockey players are constantly on the move. They have to maintain focus on the ball and other players at all times. Field hockey requires players to be in excellent anaerobic and aerobic shape. Committing to custom athletic training in Raleigh will help improve and enhance an athlete’s fitness level in all areas to ensure they perform at the highest level.


     Here at DiamondFit Performance, we work one-on-one with our athletes to help them improve and enhance their skills. At our facility we test their speed, strength, and endurance and then create a custom training program that can also incorporate individual nutrition coaching that will improve on the areas that need work. We have helped all levels of athletes reach their greatest potential. When you train with DiamondFit Performance, you will see the payoff when you compete. For more information, call our team, fill out the form below, or visit our Raleigh location at 6241 Westgate Road, Suite 100. Let’s take athletic performance to the next level.

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What’s the difference between practicing and training?

In order to be the best athlete possible, both training and practicing are important pieces of the puzzle. Practicing and training may sound like they are the same thing but they are actually different. When you practice you are doing something repeatedly so it becomes second nature. Practicing looks like a goalkeeper blocking the ball over and over or a forward taking practice shots.

Training is improving on a certain physical ability. Let’s say a player needs to be able to run faster to defend a larger area of the field, training can help the player increase speed and create a stronger endurance level so they can maintain speed throughout the game. This is why athletic and strength training are crucial to athletic performance.

Why is training important?

Training is important because it increases an athlete’s speed, strength, agility, and endurance. This results in increased performance come game day. Elite coaches like those on our staff are able to provide the skills and knowledge needed for an athlete to perform at the highest level possible. Training is done on and offseason so when regular practices start-up and the season begins, the field hockey player will be ready to dominate their opponents.

Yes, proper training gives you the upper hand on game day but it also is a way to prevent injuries and speed up recovery times. The better shape you are in physically the less likely you are to experience an injury. Training allows less time on the bench and more time doing what you love.

Field Hockey Specific Athletic Training in Raleigh

Field hockey goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards will all benefit from professional training. Our elite coaching staff will help increase muscle mass, endurance, speed, and agility. Weight training like barbell back squats, Romanian deadlifts, pullups, and high-intensity anaerobic training will both play an essential part to becoming a better and more successful field hockey player.

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