Wrestling Strength Training in Raleigh, NC

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     Strength training is a necessity for any wrestler who wants to dominate the opposition. Wrestling is a sport that requires intense strength and skill to win matches on a regular basis. Knowing how to perform individual wrestling moves is important, but having the strength to physically overwhelm your opponent is required to execute those movements at a high level. Off season and in-season wrestling strength and athletic training, combined with nutrition coaching, is important for any athlete in Raleigh who wants to be a successful wrestler.


     At DiamondFit Performance, we specialize in strength training that is sport-specific. Our whole gym is centered around athletic training and our professional trainers are passionate about creating the perfect workout routine for wrestlers and our athletes. The DiamondFit approach to athletic training is based on custom, data-driven training routines with athlete specific goals and performance objectives. Our programs are designed to help our athletes explosively improve their performance. We are located at 6231 Westgate Road, Suite 100. Stop by, call us, or fill out our online form to learn more about our programs.

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Difference Between Practice and Strength Training

Practice and training might seem similar, but there are slight differences between the two. Practice involves repeating a skill or specific move over and over until it is perfected and almost second nature. With wrestling, an athlete might learn a new pin or maneuver and repeat that skill with a team member until they feel confident in performing it.

Training, on the other hand, will happen before they step foot on the wrestling mat. Our athletic training programs involve strengthening a wide range of muscles that will make wrestlers quicker and stronger on the mat. Our programs will also help our wrestlers become more flexible which will help prevent injuries and help them gain the upper hand during matches. We use performance data to analyze specific areas where we can help our athletes improve and to set measurable goals for wrestlers training with us.


Why Off-Season Athletic Training is Important for Wrestlers

Strength is one of the most important building blocks for becoming a successful wrestler. The sport is all about overpowering the opponent using technique and raw power. Wrestling strength training is not only a good way to increase performance, it is a necessity.

Another reason to train for wrestling is that it helps to reduce the risk of injuries. If the athlete is wrestling with someone who is the same size but is stronger, they risk the chance of being injured during the match. Our training targets muscles but it also increases flexibility, which is another desirable characteristic for any wrestler. During the off-season it is easy for your body to lose strength and flexibility. Prevent that from happening by investing in off season wrestling strength training.

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Wrestling Strength Training in Raleigh

Our training approach revolves around a foundation of strength. Strength must be established before an athlete can begin to effectively develop speed, agility, or flexibility. When wrestlers stop by DiamondFit Performance for their first day of training, they will be asked to take an assessment test. This allows our team to measure their skill level and develop a custom training program to improve their weaknesses and build on their strengths. We will then set up a scheduled routine that is guaranteed to give the athlete positive results.

As we develop the athlete through strength and speed training, they begin to perform at a much higher level. Increased strength, speed, and flexibility makes a better wrestler and a better athlete who will win more often.

Raleigh Wrestling Strength Training at DiamondFit Performance

DiamondFit Performance is the best gym in Raleigh for wrestlers looking to improve their skills. We are different then the average gym because our workouts are centered around the skills that wrestlers need and our goals for our athletes are custom built around performance data. Stop by our Raleigh location to check out everything our gym has to offer. Give us a call to speak to our team about how our performance training programs are structured to explosively improve athlete performance.