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Speed is a very important part of any athlete’s game. Speed training is more than just being able to run faster, it is about increasing endurance and tolerance for various types of running at various levels of pace. It is one of the most important skills an athlete can develop. At DiamondFit Performance, speed training is the second step of our overall training approach, behind only the foundation of strength training which allows for speed and pace in the first place. We develop custom training programs for our athletes to increase strength and speed and incorporate data-driven performance goals so they can visualize and measure their growth and success.

DiamondFit Performance is the place to be for any Cary athlete looking to improve their speed and performance in their respective sport. Whether they play soccer, football, or another sport, we will customize the right plan for their specific sport and career. Our team of trainers are well educated on the power of speed and the training necessary for athletes to get faster. Call us, stop by our gym, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment or learn more about our Speed program at DiamondFit Performance.

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How to Run Faster

At DiamondFit Performance, our speed training program is more than just running on a treadmill as fast as you can. It consists of various speed related exercises such as backward running, side steps, and foot ladder work. No matter the sport, our training will help athletes execute their movements faster and with more coordination.

Our training approach values strength as the most important foundation for athletic training. Once we establish and develop a strong foundation in strength, we will focus on speed. Strength levels must be addressed before because increased muscle mass in the legs means more explosiveness can be achieved for athletic movements, which increases speed. Our coaches teach the correct way to run and break athletes out of any current bad habits. This will make running much easier on the athlete’s body in addition to increasing performance.

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Benefits of Speed Training

There are a multitude of benefits associated with speed training that go beyond getting from point A to point B faster. In terms of injuries, speed training makes the body more flexible and resistant to the stresses that sport puts on the joints. High-intensity running engages muscles in a new way that puts a lot of strain on bones and muscles. This impact strengthens the body and prepares it for whatever may happen during competition. Speed training does a lot more for the body than simply improving speed and performance. It provides benefits that will improve the athlete’s overall health and resilience in the long term.

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Speed Training for Cary Athletes at DiamondFit Performance

DiamondFit Performance is dedicated to our athletes. Our speed training program will give athletes results that they can see on the field, on the ice, or on the track. We take clients with all different levels of experience and will work at a pace that suits each specific athlete. Nothing is worse than feeling like a lack of speed is preventing an athlete from succeeding in the game they love. Contact our team here online or call us and learn more about how our Speed program can explosively improve performance.

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