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Passion, determination, discipline, and stamina are all part of being a good soccer player, but how does an athlete take their skills to the next level? A personalized athletic training plan created to optimize an athlete’s skill set, improve their focus, and boost their confidence is the first step. At DiamondFit Performance our elite coaching staff is here to take a good soccer player and develop them into a great one.

If you want to become a faster, stronger and more successful soccer player, DiamondFit Performance is the training center for you. We coach soccer players and athletes of all levels of skill and help them reach their peak. Our elite coaching staff is dedicated to developing each athlete’s skill set that to enhance their performance and help them unlock their true potential. We leverage data-driven training plans to focus on improving our athlete’s strength, speed, and nutrition to maximize performance. Contact DiamondFit Performance by calling us or reaching out to us through the form below to learn more about our approach, or visit our facility near Briar Creek, easily accessible for Durham athletes.

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What is the Difference Between Soccer Training and Practicing?

To be the best at a given sport, training and practicing need to be part of the athlete’s regimen. Both are important, the intended purpose and function of each is also different.

When an athlete practices for a sport, they perform an activity repeatedly to maintain proficiency or develop skills. In other words, athletes practice so they do not become “rusty” and to make specific movements or actions routine and second nature, like perfecting a kick or the perfect corner.

Training, on the other hand, is an essential element in growing and being more successful as an athlete overall. Athletic training consists of conditioning the body and performing an athletic action correctly and with maximum force. Doing interval training for endurance or sprints to increase rapid speed output are both examples of athletic training. Training is what makes an athlete faster, stronger, and more agile on the field of play.

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Why is Soccer Athletic Training Important?

Training is what is going to help you move faster on the field, be quicker when defending, and stronger when initiating or defending against contact. Practice is important, but will not help an athlete improve foundational speed, agility, and strength. Athletes need to engage in athletic and strength training regularly so they can perform better and compete at the highest level.

Girls Soccer Training Near Durham

DiamondFit Performance has expert coaches that know how to effectively customize a plan for girls competing on the soccer field. In women’s soccer it is vital that the athlete be fast, physical, and agile in order to compete at the highest level. Having the speed to beat opponents to a loose ball or make a run to the goal is an extremely valuable asset. Our trainers have years of experience helping girls increase their speed and strength by utilizing shuttle drills and interval training to improve speed and endurance. We also help players get stronger by creating a custom soccer strength program that is custom fit for the athlete. For girls soccer athletes, DiamondFit Performance can help you take their game to the next level.

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Boys Soccer Training Near Durham

Speed, agility, and strength are all important assets to have in the game of soccer. Luckily these abilities can always be improved upon. DiamondFit Performance creates custom tailored soccer training plans for boys in the Triangle. Our trainers can help you increase strength, agility and speed through our athletic and strength training programs custom designed with men’s soccer players in mind. We can help soccer athletes get faster, stronger, and quicker through off-season soccer strength training programs so that when the season arrives, they are ready to perform. Being able to run faster helps athletes get to loose balls before the opponents. Being stronger will allow them to better shield defenders away from the ball. DiamondFit Performance can help boys soccer players in the Triangle take their game to the next level.

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DiamondFit Performance is a training facility that is dedicated to helping each athlete reach new fitness levels, enhance their skill set, and gain confidence. Our professionals create a custom plan through testing and use data to track and measure athlete progress. Ready to score more goals and explosively improve performance? Call us or contact us online through the form below.

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