How much is in a scoop of Protein Powder

We’ve all had the same problem… misplacing the protein powder scoop. Now you don’t have a scoop and your wondering how you’re supposed to measure out the protein for your shake. No need to worry, read on for some simple solutions that you can use to correctly measure out your protein powder without a scoop.

Every company makes their protein powder in different concentrated amounts meaning not all protein scoops are the same size. You will have to find the serving size for your scoop and use the correct measurement accordingly. Just use the simple 2-step process below to correctly measure out the serving size.

Find the number of grams per serving

Step one is to Locate the nutrition label on the container of your protein powder. The label is usually located on the back of the product packaging. When looking at the nutrition label, you simply need to look at how many grams are in one serving scoop. Since all protein powders are different, not all will have the same serving size.

On this nutrition label, there are 30 grams in every 1 scoop of protein. The next step is to figure out what tool you are going to use to measure out your protein powder.

Substitutable Measurements

Since grams are a unit of weight, you can compare your measurement of protein powder to that of flour since they have a similar consistency. Here are the measurements that you can use to find the correct amount of protein powder to use.

¼ cup ~ 30g

¼ cup ~ 4 Tablespoons

7.5 grams ~ 1 Tablespoon

If your serving size is in between these amounts just use simple math to find other measurements. For example, a ½ Tablespoon would be 3.75 grams.

No Need to be perfect

From another perspective, if you don’t think you can get the exact serving size of your protein powder, there is nothing to worry about. If you are a few grams over or under the designated serving size, it’s not the end of the world. If you don’t want to take the time to measure out the exact amount per serving, getting a close estimate is ok.

Save Your Scoops

When you finish an entire tub of protein, instead of throwing the scoop away with the container, put it in a kitchen drawer. Once you have an extra scoop saved, you should always be prepared for measuring out your protein. Usually, once you will find a protein powder that you like, you will continue to use the same brand. Most brands make their scoops the same size for all of their protein powders so it will benefit you to save them.

In conclusion, don’t worry too much about losing your protein powder scoop. Just use these instructions to get the closest you can to the proper serving size. Try to remember to save your protein scoop before you throw your finished container into the garbage. If you go through enough tubs, you will have protein scoops to spare!

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