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     At DiamondFit Performance in Raleigh, we offer professional strength and athletic training for rock climbers, as well as custom nutrition coaching. Our team of skilled coaches provides a data-driven workout plan custom designed to help you reach your goals. Don’t wait to become a better rock climber; schedule a training session today by filling out an online form or giving us a call. We are located at 6241 Westgate Road, Suite 100.

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Difference Between Rock Climbing Training and Practice

Many people think training and practice are the same, but they are far from similar. Practicing involves repeating the same motions that will be performed when you compete. Time on the hangboard, practicing hanging from pinches or slopers, these are examples of practice. It is all about doing the same thing over and over until it is perfected. Training involves a variety of strength, speed and flexibility exercises that don’t involve specific holds or climbing techniques but make the body better prepared to compete on plastic or perform on real rock. Everything learned from conditioning and training is transferable to climbing performance. The stronger you are the harder and longer you can pull. Plus, raw power and strength is required to boulder at a high level or pull of campus moves on hard routes. There is a reason there are so many YouTube videos of climbers doing one arm pull ups!

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Why is Rock Climbing Training Important?

Rock climbing uses full-body strength to propel up the side of a mountain or whatever wall is being climbed. Knowing technique will only take you so far if you do not have enough strength and endurance to finish the climb. At times it can also be dangerous. Being prepared and properly training reduces the risk of injury or mistakes during the climb. Training allows the climber to experience less fatigue when climbing which allows them to make better decisions and finish their climbs.

Training will not only increase your strength, but it will also improve your balance. Without balance, shifting your body from hold to hold and dancing up thin slabs is more difficult. Same goes for locking off on hard boulders, strength is required to climb super overhanging projects. This can slow down your climb and increase the chances of a slip. Our trainers will make sure you are not only confident in yourself and your strength and endurance, but prepared for your next climb.

Rock Climbing Specific Strength Training in Raleigh

At DiamondFit Performance, we have a specific and data driven training approach: strength, speed and nutrition. Rock climbing, especially bouldering, requires an extensive amount of upper body strength. Our couches will make a routine workout that has a focus on upper body strength but also does not neglect the lower body, as good climbers know how to use their legs. We will test each athlete’s level of performance with assessment screening. This allows us to take data and not only create a schedule but track the level of progress as well.

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Choose DiamondFit Performance Rock Climbing Training

Stop by DiamondFit Performance at our Raleigh location to train for your next climb. Whether you are climbing competitively or going on a climbing trip with your friends, we would be honored to train you. We work one on one with all of our athletes and track their progress to make sure they are making the most out of their time.

Take the next step and schedule a training session at DiamondFit Performance. You will not regret investing in your health and physical ability. Our training programs will not only make you a better rock climber but make you a safer one. Part of rock climbing is having the confidence mentally to take on the climb. Knowing you have the strength and endurance to get up the wall will help you grow that mental fortitude. Call 919-823-4215 or contact us online to schedule your next appointment and learn more about our practice.