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From climbing to rappelling, rock climbing requires a lot of strength, balance and endurance to finish the climb safely and push grade. Climbers never want to be stuck in situations where they do not have the strength to push through the crux halfway through a route or pitch.

Located near to Durham in Briar Creek, DiamondFit Performance offers rock climbing athletic strength training as well as custom nutrition coaching with our skilled team of coaches. We use the last data-gathering technology to track your training process and make sure you improve. Don’t hesitate to prepare yourself for your next climb or competition; book a training session with us today! Give us a call or fill out an online form to speak to our team about how we can help you move up the grades through effective strength training.

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Difference Between Rock Climbing Training and Practice

A lot of people do not see the difference between training and practice or think that training is not important. In fact, training can be more important than practice because it gives you the necessary physical strength and endurance that allows you to practice longer and more effectively. Practice involves repeating the same skill over and over hoping for perfection. With training, you are exercising your body to perform the skills you practice. This means a variety of speed, strength, endurance and balance exercises that condition your body and push you to be better.

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Why is Rock Climbing Athletic Strength Training Important?

The best rock climbers are well rounded in strength, balance and endurance. Whether it is a difficult pitch outdoors or a competitive wall, the body is put under a lot of stress to climb. It’s easy to get stressed if you do not have the strength to complete the climb and you’re already halfway up the route.

Strength and athletic training will prepare you for your next climb. Being confident in your abilities makes you a better climber. Shifting from between types of rock or from slab to overhang can be challenging even for those who have been practicing for years. Balance and strength training will make this task easier.

Rock Climbing Specific Strength and Athletic Training

We distinguish ourselves from other gyms because we match our athletes with trainers who are knowledgeable in the sport that the client is training for. The DiamondFit Approach starts with strength, speed, and nutrition. Our coaches will set a routine that is centered on strength. Because rock climbing requires balance and puts stress on joints, our team will personalize your sessions to focus on balancing exercises that target those muscles and joints that are affected by the climb. Before any athlete starts, we test their performance level. We take this data to develop a training session. Each session is unique, meaning that a new rock climber might have different exercises than an experienced one. Don’t wait to become a better athlete; start your training today.

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Call us or book an appointment using our online form. Part of being a great climber is taking the necessary time and energy to train your body to perform at its best for each climb. We can’t wait to meet you and watch you grow as a rock climber!

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