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The best athletes participate in athletic training just as much if not more than they practice. At DiamondFit Performance, we differentiate ourselves from other gyms because we offer customized, data-driven strength and athletic training sessions as well as one on one nutrition coaching to help our athletes excel. Our group of elite trainers will help you condition your body for hockey. Do you want to be better conditioned for travel hockey tryouts? Do you want to become a more powerful skater? Don’t hesitate to invest in your athletic performance. We are accepting new clients today. Fill out an online form, give us a call, or stop by our location today to get started.

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Difference Between Hockey Training and Practice

A lot of people think that hockey training and hockey practice are the same thing; however, the differences are night and day. Practicing for hockey involves getting out on the ice, repeating shots and scrimmaging against other players. Practice is performing tasks that occur in the game until executing them becomes routine. The goal is to repeat the same skill over and over until it is sufficiently mastered.

However, when it comes to athletic training with our elite coaches, a hockey player will not step foot on the ice. Athletic strength training involves exercises and movements that push the body to the next level and condition it for harder tasks. There is no ceiling for strength training. Athletes always have room to become better conditioned, stronger, and faster. Once a skill is mastered, an athlete will add on a new goal making the body stronger and more prepared to play hockey. The stronger the player, the faster they are on the ice and the more their playmaking ability improves.

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Why is Hockey Athletic Training Important?

Not only is hockey training important for becoming a better hockey player, but it also reduces the chance of injury while increasing overall health and fitness. Most hockey players will experience at least one injury throughout their career. At DiamondFit, we train our athletes with a variety of exercises that helps reduce common injuries. Becoming stronger and more flexible will help your body hold up to the physicality of competitive or travel hockey.

There is only so much practice a hockey player can do that will make them better at their craft. If their skills are amazing, but they do not have the strength and balance to execute them in competition, it is pointless. Focused, custom, data driven hockey athletic training will make a player perform better in practice and enhance those hockey skills that they have already learned.

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Hockey Training For Travel Hockey

Whether you play rec hockey for RYHA or travel hockey for the Jr. Hurricanes or Carolina Eagles, Diamondfit Performance can help you with your off ice conditioning. If you want to get in shape before travel hockey tryouts we have hockey specific conditioning programs that would be beneficial to you. In addition to hockey specific conditioning, we also provide athletes with customized strength training to promote greater power and acceleration on the ice.

At DiamondFit we will match you up with a trainer who is well versed in hockey conditioning. First, we will assess your skill level and performance. Do not worry if this is your first time training, or if you have been for years, we have custom plans that cater to your needs. After your initial assessment, our team will assign you to a trainer who will make a scheduled routine. The foundation for all of our training revolves around our performance approach. After only a few sessions, you will notice results in your hockey performance as well as your overall health. You will be better conditioned and notice increased strength and power on the ice.

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Join the DiamondFit Performance team today and become a better athlete and hockey player. Unlike other gyms, our workouts are custom and geared towards your goals. We want you to succeed just as much as you do if not more. Whether you play multiple sports or have never trained before, our doors are open and willing to help you out. Our team has years of experience and cannot wait for you to join! Come visit our gym and start the process of explosive growth today.

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