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Golfers must have the proper core strength and flexibility in order to consistently perform at a high level. Whether you want to hit the ball farther or have more consistent short game, physical training is just as important as hitting balls on the range. If you want to take your golf game to the next level, visit our athletic trainers at DiamondFit Performance in Raleigh.

Diamond Fit Performance is your one-stop-shop for golf athletic training. We have a team of experienced and dedicated trainers who take their time to make sure you reach your full golf potential. Our trainers have been working with golfers for years and would love to help you enhance your golfing skills. Our approach centers on speed and athletic strength conditioning, coupled with custom nutrition coaching to maximize results. Call us or stop by the gym and start training today!

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Difference Between Golf Training and Practice

While practice is important for keeping your skills sharp, athletic training is necessary to build the strength, flexibility and endurance to perform your best on the course and prevent injury. There is a big difference between training and practicing. Practice involves repeating a skill over and over until it is perfected. Training involves pushing yourself to become physically stronger and able to perform skills at a higher level. Practice without training is helpful but in order to perform at the highest level, you will need to incorporate strength and flexibility training.

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Why is Golf Athletic Training Important?

Not many people consider golf a physically demanding sport. However, if you have ever played a lot of golf you know how exhausting it can be. Physical training is just as important for golf as it is for any other sports. Training reduces the risk of injury by strengthening your core and making your body more flexible. A stronger core will also allow you to hit the ball further more consistently. Athletic training prepares players for the physical demands of golf.

Raleigh Golf Specific Athletic Training

Golf training is more than just lifting weights. At DiamondFit Performance, we will match you with the perfect training schedule that allows you to achieve your goals. Nutrition, speed and strength are our core principles for training. Our program will take these three principles and apply them to golf. Golf puts extreme stress on a lot of muscles and joints. At DiamondFit we will train and condition these muscles to mitigate the possibility of straining or injuries. Since golfing is a rotary ballistic sport, our trainers will focus on the joints and muscles that will be most affected by while swinging a club. Golf athletic training will also increase your performance and make you a better athlete. Having the strength to hit the ball further will allow you to really take your game to the next level.

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Join DiamondFit Performance today and see improvement while becoming an all-around better athlete. We aren’t like any basic gym. We want to see you grow in your sport and our trainers’ are professionals in their field of expertise.

Whether you are new to golf or have been playing for years, consider choosing DiamondFit Performance for your place of training. We can help all skill levels from beginners to professionals. Concerned about never training for a sport before? Don’t be intimidated. We make our clients feel comfortable while pushing them to their full potential. Drop by and schedule a session or contact us here online to speak to our team.

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