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Whether you have been playing golf for years or are just getting started, it is important to not only practice but strength train as well. Golf requires core strength and flexibility in order to be successful.

At DiamondFit Performance, our experienced trainers will work hard to make sure that you have the best workout plan that improves your performance on the course. Our approach is centered around athletic strength conditioning training as well as nutrition coaching to drive results. Want to see your golf game improve and lower your scores? Stop by our gym or contact us online and schedule a training session today! We look forward to making a plan that will help you succeed as a golfer.

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What is The Difference Between Golf Training and Practice

Many people think that training and practice are the same thing, but they are far from similar. Practice is good for teaching your brain and body to perform a task successfully; however, practice does not improve your strength and flexibility. This is where training comes in. Strength training involves setting a routine workout that targets specific muscles that are utilized in the playing of golf. Strength training will have a big impact on your golf game and allow you to get more distance and consistency from your swing.

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Why is Golf Training Important?

Training is important to enhance a golfer’s skills and make their swing more powerful. While most people do not think of strength training for golf, it provides many benefits. Most golfers eventually experience lower back pain related directly to playing golf. Training helps strengthen the back and core muscles which can reduce injuries or pain. Strength training will make you more confidence in yourself and your golfing skills the next time you play.

Durham Golf Specific Athletic Training

At DiamondFit Performance we have three core principles: nutrition, speed and strength. Our trainers work hard to make sure that these principles are implied in every golf training session. We want to help you achieve your goals through our specific training. We will work out your upper body to illuminate the stress that golfing puts on the upper muscles. Through weight lifting and circuit training, you will be able to notice better performance on the golf course. Believe it or not a round of golf actually does require some endurance. Our training will help you build endurance so your final swing is just as powerful as your first.

Why choose golf athletic training instead of a normal work out? While a normal workout at the gym may increase your endurance it will not have the same effect that our targeted training does. Why waste your time doing a work out that you might not be doing right and might not be helping you on the golf course? Be confident that your physical training is going to translate to the golf course; come work out with us at DiamondFit Performance Today.

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Choose Diamond Performance Golf Training for Durham Athletes

Join DiamondFit Performance and see the results of what our training programs can do. We want you to be the best golfer you can be while feeling more confident and healthy. If this is your first time golfing or you have been golfing for years, schedule an appointment online or call us. We cannot wait to train with you and help you shave strokes off your golf scores!

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