DiamondFit Performance Team

Meet the coaches and staff that help you reach  your fitness and performance goals.

Head Sports Performance Coach

Ren Densmore

What do you enjoy most about coaching?
Being able to watch the kids succeed on the field as well as in the weight room.

Who is your favorite type of client to work with?
Anyone that is willing to work hard and is motivated within themselves to achieve greater goals.

In which area do you excel the most in your job?
Coming in each day with a great mindset and willing to work hard.

When did you start working for DiamondFit Performance?
May of 2017 as an intern, and began officially working in August of 2017.

What sports have you played?
High School Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf. My main sport was swimming because I’m not good on land.

Degrees, certifications, and accolades.
BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science from Georgia Southern University

Tell us something about yourself!
I can beat anyone in FIFA.

Where are you from?
Canton, GA