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Drew Anderson

Meet Drew, Owner and founder of DiamondFit Performance, a distinguished figure in the realm of athletic training and mentorship. Drew’s journey into the world of sports excellence began with a childhood marked by a relentless passion for athleticism. From football to wrestling, track to gymnastics, Drew’s diverse sporting background laid the foundation for his eventual love affair with baseball.


As a standout athlete, Drew commenced his collegiate career at the Ohio State University as a starter on the esteemed OSU baseball team, a role he embraced with fervor. His exceptional performance on the field garnered attention, leading to his selection by the Cincinnati Reds organization in the 2004 MLB draft, marking the inception of a remarkable seven-season stint in the minor leagues with the Reds and the Tampa Bay Rays.


Retiring from professional baseball in 2010, Drew redirected his energy towards a new calling, founding DiamondFit Performance with a vision to cultivate the talents of young, aspiring baseball players. Beyond his illustrious athletic career, Drew’s unwavering commitment extends to shaping the character and values of the athletes he mentors, instilling a sense of integrity and determination that transcends the confines of the game.


Throughout his journey, Drew’s dedication to excellence has remained unwavering, propelling him to co-found Pro5 Baseball Academy in 2016, a prestigious high school baseball program renowned for its exclusivity and emphasis on elite performance. Collaborating with With Purpose International, Drew’s impact transcends borders as he spearheads baseball camps in the Czech Republic and contributes to the training of the Czech national baseball team, all while upholding the ethos of integrity and discipline.


Beyond the realm of sports, Drew finds fulfillment in cherishing moments with his cherished wife, Jenny, and their three children, Ellie, Ben, and Lainey.


Drew’s Accomplishments:

  • Three-year starter on the OSU baseball team, earning recognition as MVP of the Southeast Regional.
  • Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 13th round of the 2004 MLB draft.
  • Twice selected to the Southern League All-Star Team during his professional career.
  • Amassed an impressive minor league career statistics, boasting a .256 batting average with 674 hits, 135 doubles, 55 triples, and 40 home runs.