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    DiamondFit Performance is the place to be for boxing athletes looking to explosively improve their athletic performance. All our athletes have increased their speed, strength, and overall athleticism through our training. Our training approach incorporates data-driven speed and athletic strength conditioning training, as well as nutrition coaching to maximize results.We are located at 6231 Westgate Road, Suite 100, Raleigh, North Carolina.  We have put together a team of dedicated coaches to guide athletes and help them reach their goals. Stop by our location, call us, or fill out an online form to schedule a session and athletic assessment with our coaches.

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Difference between boxing practice and training

Practice and training are commonly confused because they seem very similar but are different. Athletes practice their sport by repeating a skill over and over until it is close to perfection. A basketball player might practice his free-throw or a soccer player might practice dribbling the ball; however, most athletic training doesn’t take place on the field or court. Like strength and speed training, boxing athletic strength training is perfect for conditioning muscles that will be commonly used while practicing the sport. This will increase athletic performance as the body gets stronger and more able to complete athletic movements with maximal exertion. 

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Why boxing athletic training is important

Boxing is a sport that requires the athlete to stay light on their feet and move and react quickly. Because of this, a lot of cardio exercises are involved with boxing athletic training such as jump roping, cycling, and circuit training. All our training programs are custom designed to the specific athlete and data driven to provide measurable progress. Athletic training can also make the athlete more resilient to injury by making them stronger and more flexible.

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At DiamondFit Performance, our training is based on four factors: strength, speed, nutrition and sport. During your first session, the athlete will be asked to take a performance test. This test will let our coaches know exactly where their strengths and weaknesses lie. From there, they are able to match them with the best trainer to meet their specific goals. We differentiate ourselves from other gyms by building a program that is custom built for each athlete’s goals. Our programs are data driven and our coaches offer measurable performance goals to our athletes to drive improvement.

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