Basketball Strength and Athletic Training in Raleigh, NC

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     Strength and athletic training for basketball players is important whether they are dribbling the ball, playing defense, or driving into the paint. Training will give basketball athletes the proper strength and speed they need to excel on the court. Athletes get stronger, faster, and more agile when they train at DiamondFit Performance in Raleigh.


     Located at 6231 Westgate Road, Suite 100, DiamondFit Performance is the place to be for all things strength and athletic training. Our group of trainers and coaches have studied and played a variety of sports and understand what it takes to succeed. We take basketball training to the next level by developing a custom, data driven training program for our athletes that explosively improves their strength, speed, nutrition, and raw athleticism. Stop by our Raleigh location, call us, or fill out our online form to learn more about our custom athletic training programs for Raleigh basketball players.

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What is the Difference Between Practice and Training?

It is not uncommon to confuse practice and training for the same thing; however, they are different. A basketball player would practice a lay-up or work on dribbling and ball handling exercises during practice. The goal of practice is to perfect a specific skill as much as possible so that when the athlete is playing, the skill is second nature.

When they are training for basketball, however, the athlete most likely will never step foot on the basketball court. During athletic training, our team targets and strengthens specific muscle groups to help basketball players get stronger and more flexible. This will allow them to become faster on the court and an overall tougher player. We know the coordinated movements that are involved for the game of basketball. Therefore, our team develops custom training programs for our basketball athletes to strengthen the muscle groups that are recruited to perform these basketball specific skills. This results in our basketball athletes getting stronger, faster, and more agile and performing at a much higher level on the court for a much longer amount of time.

Why is Basketball Athletic Training Important?

Practice will mold a good basketball player, but athletic training will develop a great one. Basketball players need athletic speed and strength training so they can take their performance to the next level. While on the court, they are constantly running as fast as they can while trying to make strategic decisions. The more basketball players train, the better conditioned their body will be to perform. A lack of training might be the thing that is keeping the athlete from being able to dunk, or slowing them down when they need to get back on defense.

Another reason to consider athletic training is injury reduction. Basketball is a sport that is notorious for injuries. Through our custom athletic training programs, athletes become more flexible and strong, which decreases their chance of getting hurt. Even if they do happen to get injured, they will recover much faster because their body is in overall better condition. A better conditioned body is much better at healing itself than a body that is out of shape. There is a reason that basketball players at Duke, UNC, and NC State train off the court year round. When the athlete is dedicated to off court basketball training, they will become a better player and compete at a higher level.

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Basketball Strength and Speed Training in Raleigh

All of our training is built through our performance athletic training approach. The first thing we work on is strength. Strength serves as the core of all of our basketball training programs here at DiamondFit Performance. Next comes speed, followed by nutrition training. After choosing DiamondFit Performance, each athlete takes an assessment test. This will let us know their current skill and conditioning level. We then use this data to develop a custom training program to improve their weaknesses and build on their strengths. Our trainers work with beginners all the way up to advanced basketball players who want to take their game to the next level or prepare for college athletics.

D1 Basketball Training in Raleigh, NC

Whether you are a high school athlete who want’s to prepare your body for division one basketball, or a college athlete who want’s to keep your body tuned and ready to compete in the winter, DiamondFit Performance can help you. We have helped athletes prepare for division one competition. Our comprehensive approach to athletic training will ensure that you are a well rounded athlete that is ready to compete at the highest level. It is important for division one college basketball players to maintain their bodies over the offseason. Allow the coaches at DiamondFit to help you keep your body in shape through the offseason so that you are ready to compete.

Training to Beat Your Competition

The objective of basketball is to outmaneuver your opponents to score more points than the opposing team and win the game. To be better than the opponents you will be facing, you need to optimize every aspect of your game to come out on top. If a player only focused on dribbling and shooting without ever learning about how to properly defend, how good do you think that player will be? The answer is, not very good as he may be able to score some points but his opponents will breeze by him when they have possession. Although this is an extreme analogy, you can compare it to a player who has never physically trained, to his opponent who trains multiple times every week. The player’s opponent will have much greater endurance, speed, and strength. Basketball is a competitive sport in every aspect, so just remember that if you neglect the physical part of your game, your opponent may have that advantage over you, as he will have trained for it.

Raleigh Basketball Strength Training at DiamondFit Performance

DiamondFit Performance is the best gym in Raleigh for basketball players looking for strength and athletic training. We are dedicated to their career as a basketball player and want to see them flourish on the hardwood. What differentiates DiamondFit Performance from other gyms is that all of our exercises are specific for each sport. Don’t wait to become a better, healthier athlete; stop by DiamondFit Performance today or contact us to learn more about our custom programs.