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Feeling slow on the court? It’s time to start basketball athletic training. No matter the experience, all basketball players need strength training to increase endurance and performance during the game. Start your strength training today and take your game to the next level at DiamondFit Performance.

DiamondFit Performance, located near Brier Creek and Durham, is your one-stop-shop for all things strength and athletic training. We specialize in different sports, which allows us to build a custom training routine specific to you and your sport, like basketball. Our approach also incorporates one on one nutrition coaching to maximize results. Our team of dedicated and well-trained coaches wants to take your basketball performance to the next level. Stop by our location, fill out an online form or call us to learn more about DiamondFit and schedule your next training session today. 

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Difference between basketball practicing and training 

You are probably wondering if there is a difference between practice and training. Although they seem similar, they are far from the same. Basketball practice includes dribbling exercises, shooting practice, rebounds, and other skills. During practice, players will often compete against each other to simulate what might happen in a game. Our strength and athletic training happens off the court. Basketball players will condition the body through a routine of exercises that targets the most used muscles to enhance their performance while they practice. Training prepares the body for the game but does not necessarily practice skills used during the game. As you become stronger and faster, your performance will drastically improve.

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Why basketball strength training is important 

Strength training is pertinent for any basketball player because it will make them stronger, faster and ultimately a better athlete. Chances are other players are training as well. Not only do you want to keep up with your competitors, but you also want to set yourself apart from them. Training will take your game to the next level. Basketball is also a sport that is commonly associated with injuries. Our trainers study these injuries and, and through athletic conditioning we can reduce the likelihood for injury.

Specific basketball training 

Once you decide to join DiamondFit Performance, you will be asked to perform an assessment test. This will let our coaches know exactly where you are with your training and formulate the custom routine for you. All of our training is based on four main aspects: strength, speed, nutrition and sport. This is our performance approach. We want to build a foundation of strength before moving onto speed, nutrition, and sport. Since basketball involves long periods of running, chances are your trainer will focus on more speed workouts. All of our training programs are custom to each athlete and data driven to measure performance.

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Stop by DiamondFit Performance and invest in your athletic career. We set ourselves apart from other gyms in the area by offering custom workouts to your sport. If you play two or more sports, don’t worry. Our coaches have a variety of experience training athletes with multiple talents. It’s never too late to invest in your body and take your game to the next level. Come see us for improved performance and athletic growth.

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