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baseball training in durham

For Durham baseball athletes who want to play at the elite level, the team at DiamondFit Performance can make that happen through our custom athletic and strength training programs. Our founder Drew Anderson created DiamondFit Performance out of his fierce love for the game. He dreamed that it would be a place baseball players of all ages and abilities could come to reach the next level of performance. Today, Drew’s dream has come true, and we serve athletes throughout Durham and beyond with exceptional programs and custom training plans that take each player’s needs and goals into account. 

We work with middle school and high school players to elevate their skills and prepare them for college athletics and beyond. Our unique approach combines our Strength, Speed, and Nutrition coaching programs to explosively grow performance. For Durham athletes who are ready to take their game to the next level, call us at 919-823-4214 or contact us online to get started today. 

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Isn’t Training the Same as Practice?

The short answer is no. Although often used interchangeably, training and practicing are two very different things aimed at achieving different goals. When a player practices, they repeat a motion or skill in order to maintain their proficiency. There is no new learning taking place. When an athlete trains they are working on small adjustments to form and different approaches and techniques. They gain a greater understanding of game play and fundamental athletic movements so that they can excel on the field. Players who practice look good. Players who train may look messy. But training will pay off exponentially in the long run as our coaches build on the fundamentals to increase performance and skills on the baseball diamond. 

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Why Is Training Important?

If you want to be the best outfielder on your team, practice fielding grounders and pop flies all day. But it you want to be the best outfielder in the league, start athletic and strength training today. There will always be someone somewhere with a greater skill set. What sets the best athletes apart is their ability to adapt and change their play strategy on the fly to best serve each unique opportunity as it arises on the diamond. Practice is important, but training will take a player’s game to the next level. If you’re ready to discover the difference, reach out to us today.  


How Can DiamondFit Baseball Training Help Me?

Since we work with a range of athletes at different ability and age levels, we are prepared to help any athlete in the Durham area who is interested in improving their game. Our elite training staff combines aspects of our data-driven Strength, Speed, and Nutrition Programs into a sport-specific training approach. We focus on techniques, skills, game knowledge, and more to help you be the best baseball player you can be. Plus, our nutrition program helps our athletes prepare their body off the field so they can peak their performance on game day.

At DiamondFit Performance we understand that each athlete is unique. To ensure that every Durham athlete gets the most out of their experience with us we will start with baseball strength and skill fundamentals. From there we work toward increasing knowledge about the game and eventually progress to game-like scenarios for an accurate test of a player’s ability. 


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You’ll find that the DiamondFit Performance approach is unrivaled in the area. We use data and performance reporting to provide individualized plans that cater to each athlete’s needs, and all players are trained in a safe and measured environment to avoid injury. If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, contact us online or call us at 919-823-4214 and let’s get started. 

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