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Strength training will take wrestler’s performance to the next level. Wrestling is one of the most physically demanding sports. Spend some time off the wrestling mat and start strength training with DiamondFit Performance to explosively improve performance.

At DiamondFit Performance, we are more than just a gym. We specialize in strength and speed conditioning as well as nutrition coaching for any type of athlete and custom design our programs to fit each athlete’s individual goals. We are located near Brier Creek and Durham. Call us, fill out an online form, or stop by our gym today to start training. 

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Difference between wrestling practice and training

You might be asking yourself if there is a difference between practice and training for wrestling. Although you might not think there is a difference, these two are not the same. During practice, the athlete might challenge a teammate or practice a specific move. They may practice that skill over and over until it is fully mastered. For strength training, the athlete will never step foot on the wrestling mat. It is about conditioning the muscles to increase strength and explosive ability. This translates to performance during competition.

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Why wrestling training is important 

Some of the best wrestlers are not only advanced in their skills, they are extremely strong. We encourage our wrestlers to strength train to reduce injuries. Some of the most common injuries can be prevented with the right conditioning and training. If an athlete does happen to get an unavoided injury, it will be much easier for them to recover from if their body is prepared through conditioning. 

Specific wrestling athletic training 

It is important that the foundation of training starts with strength. During the first session at DiamondFit, each athlete will take a performance test. This will let our trainers know what level they are at and formulate the best program based on their skills. We welcome all skill levels. After the test, our team will match each athlete with a trainer who we think will best suit their schedule and goals. Together, we will be able to track performance, and our athletes can track their progress against our data driven goals.

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DiamondFit is the perfect gym for strength training for wrestlers. We are dedicated to our clients and their success. We can’t wait to help Durham wrestlers become stronger, better athletes. Stop by our Durham location to experience our training and meet our team. Our coaches can take athletic performance to the next level; start today.

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