Weight Training for Sprinters

sprinter taking off

Sprinting is an exercise that requires a lot of fast-twitch muscle movements along with the ability to keep a consistent speed throughout the duration of the sprint. These are both skills that you can strive to improve through weight and endurance training. When you are training for any sport or athletic event, it is important to consistently train harder and push yourself towards goals for improvement. You may have all the physical fitness potential in the world, but you won’t get far unless you exercise your will to improve.

What muscles are used for sprinting

If you have ever looked at an Olympic sprinter, you will notice that they are muscular in both their upper and lower body. Their quads and calves are usually bulging due to the sheer strength that they have in their legs to propel themselves forward. Their upper bodies are also very muscular as well because sprinting requires core and upper body strength as well. The arms are used to keep the body’s momentum moving forward and to create power along with the leg stride. Sprinting is a very high-intensity event that requires a lot of strength and muscle power.

How to train muscles for sprinting

Although you want to train your whole body for maximum improvement for sprinting, you should focus on your legs. As mentioned before, sprinting requires a lot of explosive and fast-twitch muscle movement. When you start a sprint, you want to get to top speed as fast as possible meaning that you want to have your legs moving fast from the start. This requires powerful movements that you can train to improve. When you want to get more strength in your legs, you must practice heavy movements that push your quads, hamstrings, and calves to the limits. Almost every muscle in your legs is working hard during a sprinting event, so you will want to train them all.

How to progress your sprinting times

The key to improving your sprint time is the same as any other athletic sports training. You must continuously push yourself to the next level and achieve one small goal at a time. If you truly put your mind to improve your physical fitness, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. When you push yourself to your limits, that is where you will find improvement. We can help you do that at DiamondFit Performance.

DiamondFit Performance

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