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Great swimmers need strength and endurance to set personal records and win. In order to achieve their goals, swimmers must train strength and conditioning and follow a strategic nutrition plan in addition to their practice in the water. With a location convenient to Durham, DiamondFit Performance offers nutrition coaching as well as strength and athletic training specific to a swimmer’s needs. Our team of trainers utilizes a data-driven approach to customize a conditioning program for each athlete.

Whether it’s the initial dive or a flip turn off the wall, swimmers need a custom strength and athletic training program supplemented by nutrition coaching to perform at their best. Don’t wait to become a better athlete. Stop by our gym or call us and schedule a training session today.

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Difference Between Swimming Conditioning and Practice

Although many people think athletic conditioning and practice are the same thing, they are far from identical. Conditioning involves performing various physically straining exercises that make the body stronger. The goal is to push for new goals and expand the body’s physical capability. The strength and endurance gained from athletic conditioning can be transferred to various sports. Practice involves repeating the same skill over and over until it is as close to perfect as possible. Conditioning boosts confidence mentally and physically that is needed to compete with any sport.

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Why is Swim Strength and Athletic Conditioning Important?

Everything gained from conditioning and training is transferable to practice and performance for swimming. Like any sport, swimming can take a toll on the body and requires a great deal of endurance to make sure your last stroke is as powerful as your first. This is why athletic conditioning is the most ideal solution to build endurance. Swimming also puts a lot of stress on muscles and joints in the body. Conditioning at DiamondFit Performance in Durham will decrease the chances of injury while making you stronger.

Swim Specific Training for Durham Athletes

At DiamondFit Performance located in Durham, we have trainers who specialize in swim conditioning by studying the latest technologies and skills to make sure your training session provides the most benefits. What makes us different from any other gym is that we will specialize your training. Each session is individualized to your goals, experience and overall physical health.

Our approach is centered around three core principles: strength, speed and nutrition, with strength the foundation. Strength is crucial for swimming. It improves muscle coordination and will lead to endurance. Whether you have been swimming for years or just started, you will see progress from our conditioning programs. They are data driven and our trainers emphasize measurable results so that you can see your performance improving through our athletic training programs.

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Not satisfied with your performance while swimming? Make the most of your sport and join our team at the DiamondFit Performance Durham location. We want to see you learn more about your sport and become more confident in yourself. Our team cannot wait to see you grow as an athlete and push you to the best of your capabilities. We use data-driven stats so you can see your performance increasing. Submit a form online or call us and join our team today!

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