Strength Training for Triathlons

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A triathlon is an event that combines many different physical activities into one race. In order to train for an event like a triathlon, you will have to train for several months to see results in your time. Training for a triathlon requires a lot of dedication and self-discipline. Once you start to shave several minutes off your time, you will be addicted to the training process.

Swimming, running, and cycling training for a triathlon

The triathlon includes swimming, running, and cycling, all of which are very tiring activities that show the true strength of an athlete. Each one of these exercises can be improved individually when focused on making it possible to achieve a faster time in the race as a whole. There are different muscle groups being used over others in each of these events making it a very strenuous activity. Having the strength to perform each exercise is very important, however, you need to heavily train for endurance as a triathlon can take 3 hours to complete.

Endurance training for a triathlon

Having strength is important when it comes to training for a triathlon, but it does not outmatch the importance of endurance training. Anybody can run, swim, or bike fast for a short duration, but the key in these races is to be able to do it over several hours. It is crucial to train yourself to push through the pain when you are exercising to achieve endurance. In order to gain endurance, you must break through barriers and make yourself push until the end, and even further. There is no giving up when it comes to endurance training. Practice makes progress when it comes to endurance training, so you must be consistent with it. As you push yourself to higher levels, you will become more motivated to go even further and become stronger than ever.

Pushing yourself through your goals

Strength and endurance are unstoppable forces when paired and improved. You can achieve almost any kind of physical feat when you create goals and constantly achieve them. With strength and endurance training, the game is almost all mental and involves only a small amount of physical ability. Have you ever lifted weights in the gym and stopped short of the repetition goal you set for yourself because you were tired? Imagine if you broke through the mental barrier telling you that you were tired and just did it anyway. Doing that over and over again is what makes progress. The way of getting past it is to put your thoughts aside and push yourself.

DiamondFit Performance

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