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Tired of feeling slower than teammates or the other team? It’s time for speed training. Speed training is more than running a mile as fast as you can or setting a new personal record on a sprint. Speed training at DiamondFit Performance involves specific exercises designed to increase speed and explosiveness of the athlete.

Located near Brier Creek and Durham, DiamondFit Performance is the place for athletes looking to improve their game. Runner, swimmer, basketball player, tennis player; no matter the sport our team will customize a speed training workout that caters to their athletic goals and career. We have put together a team of coaches that will take Durham athletes speed training to the next level. Stop by our Durham location, call us, or fill out an online form to learn more. 

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What is speed training 

Speed training at DiamondFit includes a variety of exercises and high interval movements that will increase the athlete’s speed. Some of our exercises include backward running, side steps, and foot ladder work. No matter the sport, speed training will help explosively improve an athlete’s performance. 

While it is important to have great strength, speed and explosiveness of movement is important to achieve peak performance. Our trainers will not only teach athlete’s the proper way of running, but will start out with a routine that is simple but also pushes our athletes to the next level. 

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Benefits of speed training

We take a holistic approach to our training. Our goal is to make each athlete the best they can be, and that comes with other benefits. We want to increase each athlete’s confidence and overall health. The more confident they are in themself, the better they will perform. 

Our training also helps to reduce injuries. Speed training adapts the body to higher levels of performance and conditions it for stress that could be inflicted during a game. This can help decrease the chance for injury during performance.

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Our speed training will give athletes in Durham the results you have been looking for. DiamondFit is dedicated to our athlete’s overall health and athletic career. Our team has coached players with all sorts of backgrounds. You don’t have to feel like the slowest person on the field. Stop by DiamondFit Performance and start training today!

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