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Taking your game to the next level is what DiamondFit Performance specializes in. The sport-specific softball training program at our elite facility will give you all of the tools you need to blow your competition off the field in Durham and beyond.

At our Briar Creek location, we’ve been serving many athletes in Durham for years. Our team helps middle and high school softball players reach college and the next level of competitive play through customized and data driven strength and athletic training programs. Our custom training plans take each athlete’s goals and abilities into account to make sure they get a customized approach that will build strength and skill quickly. Plus, we offer customized nutrition coaching and planning to help our athletes prepare for competition in every way they can. Contact us online or call us at 919-823-4213 to get started today. 

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Why is Training Important?

All athletes who are serious about improving their game should be implementing a mix of practice and training. Training is crucial in elevating skill and ability on the field, and the right approach will help you improve game-time knowledge, unique skills, strength levels, flexibility and agility, and recovery time. Without training, a softball athlete will not be able to reach the levels of the competitive play that they seek. 

Not only does softball athletic training provide physical benefits, it provides mental benefits as well including increased confidence and motivation. These will last throughout the year as each athlete’s custom training plan is altered based on whether or not they are in season or out of season. Our team at DiamondFit Performance designs our training plans to peak our softball athletes at strategic points during their season. Contact our team to learn more about our programs. 

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What’s the Difference Between Training and Practicing?

One of the most common questions we hear is about the difference between training and practicing. They may seem similar, and the terms are often used interchangeably, but they are indeed different things. Practice is the repetition of a skill in order to maintain its use. Training is the act of improving a skill or acquiring a new one. A softball athlete who is practicing should look clean and precise in their movements, while an athlete who is training may appear to be uncoordinated or unsure of their technique. However, training is how great softball players improve. It will pay off in the long run as our customized programs raise the average level of performance beyond what you thought possible.


Softball Specific Training 

The sport-specific athletic training approach here at DiamondFit Performance gives each athlete a custom plan that takes into account current abilities and goals. Whether our athletes want to improve a certain aspect of their game or want to better understand the strategy behind different plays, our coaches can help you elevate your skills to the next level.   

Our DiamondFit coaches will always begin with the fundamentals of strength and athletic training. Without them, a proper approach to training can’t be successful. We may return to these fundamentals at any time, since they are the building blocks of the game. Next, we’ll help each player increase their knowledge of the game. Our coaches help them understand why certain actions (stealing, bunting, etc) are smart in some situations and not in others. Finally, we’ll put each athlete in true game-time situations to assess their skill and knowledge of the game as well as practice softball specific athletic movements.

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When you join DiamondFit Performance, you’re not joining a gym. We are proud to offer Durham softball players an elite training facility where they can truly build the skills they need to succeed on the field. Our data-driven training approach lets our team measure each player’s development and push them in a safe and monitored environment. To take your athlete’s skills to the next level, contact us today to get started with a custom softball training program.