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Some have referred to lacrosse as “The fastest game on two feet.” Lacrosse players have to excel in speed and endurance because the game is very fast paced. The lacrosse player needs to be in outstanding physical and cardiovascular shape. A custom lacrosse athletic training program, particularly when coupled with athletic nutrition coaching from DiamondFit Performance, can help Durham lacrosse players stay in shape and explosively improve on the field.

At DiamondFit Performance we provide custom plans for each athlete to enhance the skills necessary to be a great lacrosse player. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, call us or contact us through the form below. Another way to get more information is to come visit us out at our location near to Durham by Briar Creek and speak to our team about our custom athletic training plans for lacrosse athletes.

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What’s the difference between lacrosse training and practicing?

If training and practicing sound like the same thing, it is because they are commonly used interchangeably. However, they are quite different. Practicing is all about repeating an activity over and over again; such as cradling or shooting the ball. Practicing helps an athlete to remember how to do an activity and repeat it until it becomes second nature.

Training focuses on the physical abilities of an athlete and then develops that skill to its fullest potential. Our athletic training programs focus on increasing speed and endurance, as well as strength so players can be more physical on the field. Our coaches have the skill, technology, and knowledge to make sure an athlete’s physical skill set is tuned so they can compete at the highest level.

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Why is athletic training important for lacrosse players?

Training is about making the athlete stronger, faster, and a force to be reckoned with on the playing field. Training is the key element to becoming a more successful athlete because it is focuses on measured, data driven athletic growth. This is the difference between the amateurs and the professionals. It is what makes athletes stand out and since growth only happens with proper training, training is extremely important for any lacrosse athlete.

Athletic training for Durham boys and girls lacrosse players

Speed, agility, and strength are abilities that are necessary for any boys or girls lacrosse player. Our team creates custom, measured, data driven training plans for our athletes. A custom training plan from DiamondFit Performance will explosively grow each athlete’s performance on the field through measured progression in our programs. Athletes playing youth lacrosse, for their school team, or even casually should contact our team to learn more about how our DiamondFit programs can take their game to the next level.

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In order to become the best athlete possible, training is critical. Our elite coaching staff want our athletes to be successful, to have confidence, and to have a positive outlook in their lacrosse career. Become stronger, faster, and more determined with training provided by the professionals at our facility. DiamondFit Performance is the answer to becoming a better and more competitive lacrosse player. Call us or contact us below to learn more about our programs.

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