Hockey Strength Training for Durham Athletes

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Hockey requires balance, speed and power. Whether you are shooting the puck, going in for a hip check or trying to beat your opponent to a loose puck, strength, speed, and conditioning are vital. Practice is a very important part of becoming a better hockey player. However, practice is only beneficial if you are in the proper shape and have the athletic conditioning required to learn the skills necessary for hockey. Hockey athletic strength and speed training, coupled with nutrition coaching from athletic experts, will help you prepare your body to compete at the highest level.

At DiamondFit Performance, we specialize in custom athletic training shaped through the latest data-gathering technologies. We have a team of trainers who work with each athlete to develop a custom training plan that grows their skills and peaks them at the optimal times of their sport season. Our team will match you up with the perfect trainer that will help you reach your goals. Are you interested in taking your game to the next level? Visit us, give us a call, or fill out an online form. We can’t wait to help you become a better hockey player.

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Difference Between Hockey Training and Practice

Many people do not understand the difference between hockey training and hockey practice. The most obvious difference is that in practice you are training your body for skills that you will perform while playing the game of hockey. Training is something that needs to be done prior to practice. Hockey training physically conditions the body for the right amount of strength and endurance to practice the sport to the best of your body’s abilities.

Why is Hockey Strength Training Important?

Hockey is a contact sport that requires skill, precision and strength. Great athletes work off the ice just as hard as they do on the ice. This is done by participating in off ice hockey strength training. Hockey requires more than just being a good skater and having good puck control. The best players are powerful and fast, something that cannot be taught through practice but must be conditioned with off ice hockey training. Not only will off ice hockey training prepare your body for the rigors of the game, it will also prevent injury by making your body stronger and more flexible.

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Off Ice Hockey Training For Travel Hockey in Durham

Whether you play recreational hockey at the local rink or are preparing for travel hockey tryouts with the Jr. Hurricanes or the Carolina Eagles, our hockey conditioning program will help you reach your goals.

At DiamondFit Performance, we customize your training depending on your skill level. First, we will assess your performance with a preliminary test. Next, we will match you with one of our elite trainers. Our trainers follow a data driven strength development protocol and understand what you need to be successful. They will make a unique training schedule that builds muscle, increases speed, and better prepares you mentally for the game.

The core of our training is rooted in our strength, speed, nutrition and sport programs, with strength being the foundation for the others. This is our performance approach. It does not matter if you are new to hockey or have been playing for yours, our approach will shape you into a better athlete and hockey player.

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Still can’t decide if you want to join? Stop by our location convenient to Durham at 6241 Westgate Rd #100 and check us out. We cannot wait to watch you take the journey from a good hockey player to a great one. We differentiate ourselves from other gyms because we offer training sessions that are custom, data drive, and that emphasize movements specific to your sport. With our team of dedicated trainers, we are guaranteed to match you with a trainer that suits your schedule and skill type.

If you play multiple sports, we have a program just for you! Our athletic trainers work with several dual discipline athletes and can condition you in multiple areas. Don’t wait to become a better, healthier hockey player, join DiamondFit Performance today.

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