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Gymnastics is a high-intensity sport requiring strength and coordination to perform at a high level. From a backflip to an aerial, gymnasts need more than just practicing to succeed. They need strength training. Gymnastics strength conditioning gives a gymnast more power to perform complex athletic movements at a high level, as well as reducing the risk of injury.

At DiamondFit Performance we specialize in gymnastic strength training that is guaranteed to improve your performance. This experience allows our trainers to custom tailor a training regiment that will help you reach your gymnastics goals faster. We bring a custom, data driven approach to our training, coupled with strategic nutrition coaching, and set goals specific to each athlete and their sport. Stop by our location to learn more and or give us a call and speak to a member of our team about our programs and training options.

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Different Between Training and Practice

The difference between training and practice is simple. A gymnast will practice specific skills such as a turn or dismount over and over until it is close to perfect. When a gymnast trains, however, they will not be performing any specific gymnastic skills. Instead, they will be strengthening their body through a routine of challenging exercises that target muscles required for movements specific to gymnastics. The goal is to not perfect the gymnastic movement itself, but rather to strengthen one’s body and allow them to perform these movements at a higher level during competition.

Why is Gymnastics Strength Training Important?

In order for a gymnast to properly execute a skill or gymnastic movement at a high level, they must possess an enormous amount of strength as well as skill. Injury is also common in gymnastics. Strength training can help prevent injuries. Injuries are more common if the athlete does not participate in strength training because the body is not strong enough to properly perform the skill while also reducing the chance of injury.

In addition to increasing a gymnast’s strength, our training will also increase flexibility. This improved flexibility will help reduce the risk for injury. Targeted strength training will make muscles and ligaments stronger and decrease the chances of suffering a serious injury. If a gymnast does land incorrectly during a dismount, our training will help reduce the chance of injury because the body will be stronger and better able to sustain an abnormal blow or impact.

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Gymnastics Specific Gymnastics Training in Durham

Before starting a strength training program with our team, our coaches will perform a preliminary physical test. This allows us to understand the athlete’s skill level and training history in order to develop a custom training plan tailored to that specific athlete’s needs. Our coaches train both new and experienced athletes.

At DiamondFit, training is based on our performance training approach with the most crucial element being strength training. Strength is the building block to the other elements of our training program, which also includes speed and nutrition training. Our team will develop a custom workout plan after this test that allows us to easily track performance and improvements.

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At DiamondFit Performance we differentiate ourselves by offering strength training specific to gymnastics and other sports. Competing at high levels requires tremendous strength and skill. Our training programs make our athletes more confident, strong, and safe when performing. Visit our gym location convenient to Durham at 6241 Westgate Rd #100, or call our team to learn more about our programs.

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