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Gymnastics is a sport that involves extreme strength and precision to execute a routine perfectly. Practicing the movements alone is not enough to become the best athlete on the floor. It is essential for a gymnast to develop their strength as well as their balance and form through athletic training. Strength is the foundation of all complex athletic movement, and few sports involve more complex movements than gymnastics, making strength training an imperative for these athletes.

At DiamondFit Performance we specialize in sport-specific strength and athletic training, in addition to our custom nutrition coaching. We differentiate ourselves from surrounding gyms because our trainers are well versed in the specific sport you play and incorporate conditioning strategies that target the most common muscles activated for those specific motions and movements. We offer custom, data-driven training programs specific to each athlete and tailored to their sport and season. Call our team or visit us to learn more about our athletic training programs for Cary gymnasts and athletes.

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Difference Between Training and Practicing

Training and practice are both important for gymnasts but they are far from similar. Practice involves repeating the same skill or movement until it is perfected and can be executed almost without thinking. Gymnasts, for example, might practice a dismount on the balance beam or a new turn for their floor routine. They will do this over and over until they can perform that movement accurately on a regular basis.

With athletic training, a gymnast will never perform a single gymnastic move. Instead, they will condition their body by working out target muscles that will make them stronger and better prepared to practice their skills. Complex athletic movements such as those practiced in gymnastics require a huge amount of strength to perform. Athletic strength training isn’t about mastering a skill; it’s about conditioning the body to be stronger. Our programs are designed to increase foundational strength so that athletes can perform more difficult movements with more consistency and ease.

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Why is Gymnastics Strength Training Important?

Some athletes can get away with not training more than others; however, gymnastics is a sport that requires intense training. Each routine takes tremendous strength and power to execute at a high level. It is important that a gymnast’s body has strength so that they can perform at a high level and without hurting themselves. Taking the time to strength train will make the athlete better prepared for practice and will allow them to learn and master skills much faster.

Injuries are common in gymnastics as well. One wrong landing and the athlete could be out for the season. Training is important because it strengthens those muscles that could be easily injured, resulting in less potential for injury.

Gymnastics Strength Training in Cary

At DiamondFit Performance, we start our athletes with an assessment test on their first visit. This will give our team an idea of their foundational level of strength so we can match them with the best trainer and routine for them specifically. Our coaches train all skill levels of athletes, from beginner to advanced.

We based our training on our performance approach with strength being the core building block. Speed and gymnastics skills are focused on after foundational strength is established and improved sufficiently. We set goals for our athletes and use a data driven approach so they can see their progress during training sessions and in the gym.

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DiamondFit Performance is dedicated to helping athletes of all disciplines excel. We differentiate ourselves from other gyms by offering sport specific training with a custom, data driven approach to goal setting and performance. Call us or visit our gym to learn more about our strength training programs for gymnasts in Cary.

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