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Football is a demanding sport that requires players to be in the best shape possible. Due to factors like contact plays, extreme heat, and other conditions, football players must have the skills and strength needed to safely perform plays out on the gridiron. To obtain an elite level of play, top Durham athletes choose DiamondFit Performance for custom strength and athletic training programs.

We’ve helped many middle and high school football players throughout the Durham area reach the next level of play, from high school varsity to the collegiate level. For explosive growth in skill and performance, contact us online or call us at 919-823-4215 today to speak to our coaches about our custom strength training and nutrition programs.

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Why is Training Important?

After the season ends and the lights fade, that’s when the real work begins. While a training program should be incorporated all year long, the off-season is a great time to focus on improving skills. Regular training with a customized approach that takes into account each athlete’s skill level gives them the tools they need to improve their endurance, skills, and strength. By improving these facets of the game, players will also enjoy increased motivation and confidence during play and perform at an elite level.

Training also serves as a great tool for increasing game knowledge that will pay off on the field with quick thinking and smart game-play decisions. Still not convinced? Other benefits of training include improvements in agility, flexibility, circulation, and recovery time. Our custom strength training programs build up from the fundamentals of athletic movement to complex movements and football specific skills.

Football Specific Training 

The athletes that come to DiamondFit Performance to work on their football skills find that they achieve significant improvements in a relatively short period of time. This gives them the confidence to continue making gains in the weight room and on the field. These players bring an intensity and a drive that makes it fun, challenging, and rewarding for both the player and the trainer. 

Our team of strength coaches will create a customized plan for each player that takes into account current fitness and skill levels so that we can accurately place each athlete in a training program that will yield the best results.  

Our football-specific approach begins with the fundamentals, since these skills are the foundation of all good play. At any time, we may return to these, but we will also focus on increasing a player’s knowledge of the game so that they understand different strategies and techniques. Finally, we’ll put that knowledge to the test in a series of gameplay scenarios that will measure real-time reactions and allow our team to provide coaching on technique and strategy. 


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DiamondFit Performance isn’t just another gym. It’s an elite training facility where athletes put in the work in a safe yet challenging environment to reap the rewards of increased strength, agility, skill, and knowledge. 

Our data-driven training approach gives us the ability to monitor and measure performance so that athletes are able to see their strength and skill development. We also use individualized data to provide high intensity workouts with strategic peak and rest periods to push our athletes in a way that helps avoid risk of injury.  

Discover your full potential today and take on the next level of competition with the confidence and skills we build here at DiamondFit Performance. Get started today by calling us at 919-823-4215 or contacting us online. 

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