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Field hockey is an extremely fun sport to play but like any other sport, it takes a lot of work to be a great player. Staying committed to getting better every day during the season and during the off season is vital to becoming a great field hockey player. DiamondFit Performance’s data driven and custom athletic training programs focus on improving upon a player’s speed, agility, strength, and nutrition to increase performance.

DiamondFit Performance is a training facility with elite coaching staff who are dedicated to helping field hockey players take their play to the next level. Our trainers work one-on-one with our athletes to make sure that their performance improves and they see results. If achieving goals and improving performance is what you are looking for, call us or contact us through the form below. You can also come to visit our training facility near Briar Creek, easily accessible from Durham, and speak to our team about our custom training programs.

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What’s the difference between training and practicing?

Whether an athlete is competing in a recreational capacity or has eyes set on earning a college scholarship, training and practicing need to be incorporated in their field hockey regimen. Training and practicing may seem the same but they are quite different.

Practicing is a useful tool for helping an athlete maintain or improve specific sport related skills. Practicing involves doing an activity over and over again until it becomes second nature. For example, an athlete may practice a certain play over and over again so they don’t have to think about it when they are on the field. Field hockey shooting drills and passing drills are all examples of skill specific practice. Practice is great for maintaining your field hockey skills while training focuses on growth and being a physically complete athlete.

Training improves upon physical abilities and techniques that are needed for the athlete to perform at their best. Growing muscle mass, gaining greater endurance, and increasing speed are all ways to train for increased performance. Field hockey athletic training consists of drills such as runs, sprints, resistance training, and strength training. Developing strength and speed through our custom athletic programs results in huge performance gains on the field.

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Field hockey speed, agility, and strength training for Durham athletes

Our elite coaching staff has worked with all different levels of lacrosse athletes. We work with our athletes to create custom training plans that are measurable and leverage data to demonstrate progress. Training that can be expected during your sessions with DiamondFit Performance can include agility drills, strength training, speed training and sport specific movement skill training. If you want to become a faster, stronger, and more complete field hockey player, contact DiamondFit Performance today and schedule a session with one of our coaches.

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It’s time to put in the work and start training towards being a more successful athlete. DiamondFit Performance is a training center that is dedicated to enhancing an athlete’s skills, strength, and confidence. If an athlete is willing to put in the effort and the time, then our coaches will be able to help them reach their goals. For more information, call us and one of our expert staff members would be happy to chat about how we can take field hockey players skills to the next level.

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