Mary Kathryn "MK" Hardy

Assistant Sports Performance Coach

What do you enjoy most about coaching?
The opportunity to see people transform. Whether it is for health-related goals, athletic performance goals, or simply a bucket-list couch to 5k, watching clients transform, both physically and mentally, will always be one of my favorite parts of coaching. Witnessing the shift from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation is rewarding for both client and coach. ☺ 

Who is your favorite type of client to work with?
Anyone who is teachable! The most successful clients I have worked with were not the most athletic or the most genetically-inclined, they were the ones who showed up motivated to put in the work. Consistency and a continuous willingness to learn are an imperative foundation for excelling in health/performance-related goals.

In which area do you excel the most in your job?
Ensuring understanding. There is a reason and method for everything we do. It is important to not only instruct and correct movements, but to help clients understand how the chosen exercises translate into their sport performance or daily functional movement. Cognitive awareness not only helps with muscle memory and triggering proper form, but it also increases motivation for the client to understand the method behind the movements.

What sports have you played?
High school consisted of volleyball & basketball. Though I didn’t play collegiate sports at UNCW, I was involved in every intramural or sport activity that didn’t overlap with academics. Ultimate frisbee, soccer, flag football, kickball, mud volleyball… you name it! Time & place, I was there. I still love a good game of “pick-up” anything when I have time. ☺

Degrees, Certifications, Accolades:
– Graduated with BS in Exercise Science from the University of North Carolina in 2014.
– Certified NSCA-CSCS since 2015.
– Background in Corporate Health & Wellness. I recently worked for Corporate Verizon in Wilmington, NC for 2 years as an onsite Health & Wellness Coordinator and Personal Trainer.
– Started working for DiamondFit Performance in Fall 2019.

Tell us something about yourself?
The beach is my happy place. ☺  Give me a beach towel, some sunscreen, a bottle of water and a good book and leave me for the day. It’s where I do my best thinking and I never get tired of salty hair & sandy toes. My husband and I got engaged at sunrise in our favorite lifeguard stand on Wrightsville Beach in 2015. 

Where are you from?
Originally from Greenville, North Carolina, but spent middle school and high school years in Birmingham, Alabama.