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There is no better place to be for a Durham boxer looking to improve their skills than DiamondFit Performance. For athletes of all disciplines looking to explosively improve their performance, DiamondFit offers custom, data-driven training programs to help raise strength, speed, nutrition, and overall skill. Our expert trainers have years of experience working with individual athletes to prepare them for college athletics or simply raise their game. If you are a boxer interested in gaining more strength or speed in the ring, our programs can help. Contact our team or stop by the gym to learn more and schedule an assessment with our coaches. 

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Importance of athletic training for boxers

Many people believe that training and practice are synonyms. This is far from the truth. Practice is repeating a skill or movement over and over until it becomes second nature or is perfected. The practice you do in the ring or the boxing gym to perfect different boxing movements or punches is a good example. Athletic training, however, happens outside of the ring. Athletic training involves strengthening and conditioning the muscles that will be recruited to perform movements specific to the athlete’s sport. As the athlete’s maximal level of exertion increases, their performance will also improve. 

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Athletic training exercises for boxers

Boxing requires athletes to stay on their feet and move quickly, as well as have an incredibly fast reaction time. Many of the exercises we include in custom training programs for boxers will include cardio-intensive movements. Examples include jump-rope circuits, cycling, circuit training, etc. All of our training programs are customized to the athlete. We use a data-driven approach to set realistic, measurable goals for the athlete so they can see their progress and be motivated to continue performing. Our strength training also makes the athlete stronger and more flexible, which reduces their susceptibility to injury. 

Athletic training at DiamondFit Performance

Our training programs are based on 4 foundational approaches: strength, speed, nutrition, and sport. When an athlete first visits our training facility, we will administer a performance assessment to determine the current level of their athletic ability. We use this assessment to develop their customized training plan, as well as match them with our best trainer for their specific sport and goals. 

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Check out our location near Brier Creek and experience what it’s like to be part of the DiamondFit team. There is no better place to be for boxers in Durham looking to explosively improve their performance. Contact us today to learn more about our custom programs or come in for an assessment. 

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