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Top players in the NBA don’t just spend hours and hours practicing different shots and moves on the court. They also dedicate time to strength and athletic training to stay stronger, faster, and more agile than their competitors. At DiamondFit Performance, we offer customized training programs to basketball athletes looking to improve their game or prepare for college athletics. Our programs are data-driven and designed to improve an athlete’s speed, strength, and overall skill, in addition to coaching them on their nutrition. You won’t be practicing free-throws with our team, but you will be conditioning your body to perform at the highest level possible. That means moving faster and being able to draw on more strength for a longer period of time, which translates to explosive performance. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help Cary basketball athletes take their game to the next level, and schedule a performance assessment with our team. 

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The DiamondFit Approach

Our approach to athletic training is based on identifying and  executing on opportunities for each athlete to improve their strength, speed, and skill. When a player performs an athletic movement such as a jump shot or a block, there is more going on than simply basketball technique. Different muscle groups are being recruited to enable the athlete to leap higher, or run faster. Our team identifies the muscle groups that are important to each specific sport and develops a customized training plan with the athlete to improve these areas. That can mean speed training on our high speed treadmill, or strength training on our weight racks. The more strength and flexibility we can develop in the athlete, the more their performance will improve. More strength and speed in our gym translates to more physicality and agility on the court. 

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The difference between training and practice

For basketball players or athletes of any sport, practice is incredibly important. The reason pros like Steph Curry can hit so many 3’s is a direct result of the hours and hours spent in the gym practicing that specific shot. The difference between basketball practice and basketball athletic training is that during a training session the player may never touch the ball. Athletic training is all about raising the athlete’s level of athletic conditioning so that when they step on the court they can execute complex sport-specific athletic movements more quickly and easily, and with more precision. Athletic training for basketball players translates into more speed on the court, more endurance for moving up and down the court, and more physicality and strength when wrestling for a ball or defending a rebound. 

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Choose DiamondFit Performance for basketball athletic training

For athlete’s looking to explosively improve their performance on the court, there is no better training program than DiamondFit. Our customized training plans are data-driven so that our trainers can set measurable goals for athletes to see their progress unfold. Our training also improves flexibility and strength to reduce the chance of injury. Don’t wait to take your game to the next level. Contact us to learn more about our approach and programs or visit our gym for a performance assessment.

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