About Us

Our Inspiration

What Inspires Us

We believe sports teach us a lot about life and ourselves. Our goal at DiamondFit Performance is to make a lifelong impact on the lives of our athletes. How do we do this? We give it our all. In everything we do, we give it our best effort and expect our athletes to do the same. Yes, our world-class training program produces athletes who are strong, exceptionally skilled, and fully equipped for their game, but equally important, we aim to develop athletes with outstanding character on and off the field

Our Core Values
Our DiamondFit Performance Team is dedicated to providing the highest quality training experience for our members.

Our team is dedicated to being in line with the following Core Values.


We are dedicated to being honest, ethical, and fair in everything we do. In other words, the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking. We lead by example and concentrate on doing the right thing every time.

Athlete First Mentality

Members are the life source, the heart of DiamondFit. Without them, DiamondFit does not exist. We are dedicated to putting our members at the very center of everything we do and are committed to improving our members’ quality of life, health, and well-being.


Our coaches are expected to communicate, listen, motivate, and inspire our members in a positive way. We want to influence our athletes and challenge them to be the best version of themselves in games, in practice, in the classroom, at work, at home, and with their friends and colleagues.

Character Development

We believe sports teach us a lot about life and ourselves. Real-life situations and the emotional highs and lows that follow are often depicted in sports. At DiamondFit Performance, we produce members who are strong, able-bodied, exceptionally skilled, and fully equipped for their game. Just as important, we want to develop athletes with outstanding character both on and off the field.


We are responsible for all of our actions, i.e., behavior on the floor, the flow of the class, the gym’s appearance, the safety of our members, etc. We take accountability for our actions, decisions and creating results.


We are passionate about meeting our members’ needs and delivering the best experience to them every day. We are passionate about our training and the way it is shown in every class experience.


We work together as a team and are committed to excellence, innovation, and expansion. We demand high-performance expectations of one another and a mindset of excellence. We are constantly striving for improvement from our members, ourselves as individuals, our knowledge and abilities.